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How they will be the Chips of the future?

Intel has presented its vision on the manufacture the processors in next the twenty years. According to their people in charge, their anticipated projects of investigation up to 2020 go directed to continue developing smaller, fast transistors and that consume less. For it, they are investigating in the results that would have the use of exotic materials like nanotubos of carbon and nanocables, as well as in novel techniques to take to the transistor to an atomic scale.

These investigations are essential then, with the present materials, is impossible to still more diminish the size of the Chips (once the investigators are able to lower to the atomic level, where the doors of the transistors are not greater than one or two atoms, the present technologies of manufacture would not work) and indeed it has been the diminution of his dimensions which has lead to Intel and the rest of the industry to an increase of the yield and a diminution of cost of the processors in the last thirty years (the famous law of Moore). At the moment Intel has finalized its transition towards the manufacture of processors with technology of process of 90 nanometers and it already has plans to use materials that will allow to diminish the size of the transistors to lengths of door of 10 nanometers in 2011. Nevertheless, around year 2013, Intel and the rest of the companies of the industry of the chip will need other materials to continue with these ratios of diminution. The nanotubos of carbon and the nanocables are two of the materials that are considering and that will begin to be used with enough probability between 2013 and 2019. After this date the company does not have anticipated plans, although already it works with universities worldwide to outline with greater future east exactitude.

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