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Objective, to end the pirates

the news on tecnologia appeared in Donostia Karina Anticopia, a device to finish with illegal copies of films in the rooms of cinema

The piracy in the rooms of the cinemas is counted. The Las Riojan Jose Maria Toledo and Jose Road presented yesterday in Donostia a system to avoid pirate copies of films in cinematographic rooms. One is a device that has called Karina Anticopia and that the past registered in the office of patents month of June. Both creative of this innovating system they made agree the presentation of his invention with the Festival the International of Cinema of Donostia, taking advantage of the visit to the Guipuzcoan capital Salt Ladestro, president of Sony in the U.S.A. and Ernesto Victoria, president of Sony for cinemas of Spain.

Karina Anticopia is a device that contains emitting disturbers of light. The device emits a series of sparkles in an invisible frequency for the eye, but that yes registers the camcorders, so that when visionar the obtained film appears these sparkles and prevents the correct visualization of films. "In addition the camera loses the control and it is difficult to him to focus the image well that appears in the screen", it assures Toledo.

Pioneer in the world

This it is the first elaborated device anywhere in the world to end the piracy of films. "the cinema and the distributors are losing much money. The cinema entrances also raise of price and something is necessary to make to finish with this ", affirms the inventor.

Jose Maria Toledo, owner of a room of cinema in the La Riojan locality of Calahorra, devised east project while he mounted video films. "When acting with a device me dí account of which he bothered in the screen and I put in contact with Jose Road, electronic technician, to amplify that annoyance and to observe what it would happen on a cinema screen. He was he who devised the circuit to carry out this idea ".

Interest of Sony

The Sony company has been very interested in this idea. "it has pleased much this idea in Sony and we are going to increase the number of electronic components within the screen to develop the invention. Thus we will be able to present this system in the U.S.A. to the great industralists of this industry and to begin to commercialize it ", the inventors comment.

Support not them lack to the creators of this system. Banking organizations, a telephone operator and the Azkoyen company endorse their idea. With the aid of these companies, the inventors "we can develop all our components to follow ahead with the project".

They know it clearly. Its only pretension with this system is to prevent the recording of films in the rooms of cinemas. More and more the frequent pirates can be counted.

Martes, 26 Octubre, 2004 - 11:28
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