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National Instruments Presents Generating of Arbitrary Waveform

National Instruments today announced two new 200 modular instruments of Mmuestras/s that extend the capacity of measurement of products of mixed signals of the company. The new modules, based on the architecture of Nucleus of Synchronization and Memoria (SMC), duplicate to the reason of sampling and the depth of memory available in the product families of arbitrary waveform generator and digitizer. When being combined with digital instruments PXI of precision for DC, RF and of high speed of National Instruments, the new modules are ideal for a variety of applications in the industries of electronic of general consumption, semiconductors, Armed Forces - aviation and scientific research.

"Due to the increase in the total production and the requirements of better precision, we chose the modular instrumentation of National Instruments along with software VideoMASTER de MicroLEX Systems for the tests and calibration of our camera" declared Deepak Murji, engineer of tests of Baxall Ltd. "Based on our extensive evaluation and comparison of traditional methods of test, we can obtain more from a 25 additional percent in the total production and calibrate our own products more accurately". The digitizer of 12 bits of double channel NEITHER Pxi-5124 and the arbitrary waveform generator of 16 bits NOR Pxi-5422 use the commercial the more recent semiconductors to extend architecture SMC when increasing the reasons of 200 sampling to Mmuestras/s and the depth of memory to 512 MB by channel. The new modules offer the advantages of the modular instruments of NEITHER to a even the more ample set of applications when providing a precision of world-wide category, flexibility and one narrow integration of E/S of mixed signals. The Pxi-5124 digitizer offers a dynamic range without spurious (75 SFDR) of dBc and a bandwidth 150 of MHz, whereas the arbitrary waveform generator Pxi-5422 provides an aberration of pulse smaller to 6 percents and a time of increase of 1,8 nanoseconds. The engineers of tests and design can use the new 200 digitizer of Mmuestras/s and the arbitrary waveform generator to quickly construct to systems of estímulo/respuesta in any segment of the flow of development of a product using the new interactive software for measurement NEITHER SignalExpress as well as 7,1 LabVIEW and the software of handling of tests NOR TestStand. With the Express technology available in each one of these software packages, the engineers can form interactively the digitizer and generator of arbitrary waveform with a minimum of programming, offering a configuration of the much more fast system. The engineers can also personalize their systems of measurement with but of 400 functions of measurement and analysis, including spectral measurements and analogical and digital modulation available in LabVIEW 7.1. All the modular instruments of mixed signals of NEITHER are constructed with the architecture in common of SMC to be able to synchronize closely with other instruments based on SMC, as the generador/analizador of digital waveform of 100 MHz NOR Pxi-6552. With jitter between module and module of less than 20 picoseconds of rms, the synchronization of architecture SMC makes the systems possible of measurement of high account of channels or mixed signals of high performance. In addition, both modules can concern external clocks of samples, clocks of reference and triggers by means of connectors in the frontal panel or the bus of firing PXI.

Domingo, 31 Octubre, 2004 - 11:00
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