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El médico competente, antes de dar una medicina a su paciente, se familiariza no sólo con la enfermedad que desea curar, sino también con los hábitos y la constitución del enfermo.

Marco TulioCicerón (106 AC - 43AC).
Filósofo, escritor, orador y político romano.
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Samsung presents the first moving body with a camera of 5 megapíxels

Samsung Electronics presented/displayed the first movable telephone of the world equipped with a powerful camera with five megapíxel, pointing like objective at the market of movable telephony of fast growth with characteristics more outposts

Company South Korean, that is been approaching the second position of manufacturers of moving bodies that has Motorola, said that the Sch-s250 telephone would leave the next week on sale. The price has still not paid attention. The company/signature of valued technology more of Asia more or less introduced its first telephone with camera of megapíxel a year ago. Samsung is accelerating the development of falsified moving bodies more for advanced users who look for access games, music and films on their telephones. The new apparatus has a quality of image similar to a good digital camera and a flat screen able to unfold 16 million colors, said Samsung in an official notice. Megapíxels is the measurement of whichever million of píxel - information unit that describes a point within a figure in computerizada graph - is captured in a digital instantaneous photo and is one of the keys so that the manufacturers of digital cameras create differences between their products. The telephone also has a function of camcorder and capacity of conversion of text to conversation, allowing to the users to listen to the messages that arrive. The module of the camera was developed jointly with the Japanese company/signature Asahi Pentax, said Samsung. Samsung, that hopes to sell more than 86 million telephones this year, sold 22.7 million moving bodies in the third trimester.

Sábado, 06 Noviembre, 2004 - 11:00
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