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Madison 9M, a step more in the race of Itanium II

Improvements in the yield and the cache, the manufacturer ends to send the fourth generation of processors Itanium II. The new Madison 9M, with 1,6Ghz and 9 MB, has architecture EPIC, being able to execute many instructions at the same time.

The new generation of chipset Itanium II, that improves the yield and the speed of its predecessor, the Itanium 6M, is available in two different ranges, MP and DP, a this one last with a frequency of 1.66 GHz and cache of 3MB. In the model of low consumption for systems blade, emphasizes a new update gives to 1.36 GHZ, improving the model previous to 1GHz, and with a cache of 3MB. The new Madison 9M represents a series of improvements of yield of the applications that are?de between 10 and a 20% with respect to the previous model Itanium II 6M, according to Antonino Albarrán has confirmed, director of technology of Intel. Double Core in Montecito and following with the new features of the product catalogue anticipated by the manufacturer, the Montecito is next the processors with double Core who will be sent throughout the next year and that already will include technology of 90 nanometers. On technology multithreading, the future processor will count on 1,700 million transistors without?necesidad to incur and an increase of size and on the increase of spectacular capacity that supposes to count on two cores of 12 MB each one, it exposes Albarrán. Between the last advances that incorporate it emphasizes the Foxton technology that allows to increase the yield of dynamic form based on the existing demands and of automatic form, the technology of Pellston security, that?mejora the availability and redice the risk of errors, as well as the denominated Silvervale. This one last technology of micropartition allows to take advantage of the existing virtual resources. Really, the fifth generation of Itanium II with a cache of up to 24 MB will be up to 1.7 times faster than recently sent to Itanium II 9M Madison. The technological evolution of the manufacturing one happens to increase the number of the capacity of the processors leaning in?multicore of four, eight and even 16, he has advanced the person in charge of technology of Intel Iberia, that has emphasized that?el authentic advance happens to increase the cache but maintaining the size of chipset and the dissipation of the heat. The forecasts of world-wide sales of the manufacturer happen to duplicate to the number of units sold the past year of processors Itanium II, that reached the number of 100,000 In any case, and in spite of the advances described in the platform Itanium II of the manufacturer, Albarrán has confirmed that?vamos to continue also working in our Xeon platform, which already we sent the past summer, since they respond to different necessities.

Lunes, 08 Noviembre, 2004 - 11:00
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