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Intersil's New Real Time Clock Features Tamper Detect and InterSeal™ Battery Sav

MILPITAS, CA - Intersil Corporation introduced today the ISL1209 Real Time Clock (RTC) that combines high-precision, low-power for a wide variety of applications which require very accurate clock and calendar functions with Event Detect. Applications for this device are varied, such as electronic power meters, ATM, medical and other security related equipment and systems. In addition, the device incorporates Intersil’s InterSeal battery saver technology, which prevents any current drain on the battery until the unit is first powered up.

The ISL1209 features an Event Detect and Time Stamp function; this is important for applications requiring increased security, warranty monitoring, data collection and/or event recording. The feature allows for recording event times, such as, when an enclosure or door was opened, etc. This makes the ISL1209 ideal for applications requiring anti-tampering and security such as set-top boxes, utility meters, security alarm and security camera systems or vending machines.

“In addition to providing accurate clock and calendar functions, our new real time clock integrates timing and crystal compensation, flexible alarm, programmable clock output, power fail detection and intelligent battery backup switching into one space saving package,” said Rouben Gharagozian, marketing director for Timing Devices at Intersil. “In addition, its low 400nA current consumption at 3.0V and small package make it an ideal choice for portable, handheld, battery-powered equipment and microprocessor applications where space is at a premium.”

Applications with high accuracy requirements will benefit from using the ISL1209, which contains circuitry for adjusting the frequency of the crystal oscillator through ATR (Analog Trimming Registers) and DTR (Digital Trimming Registers). This circuitry can be used to tune oscillator initial frequency, as well as, adjust to compensate for temperature changes. The oscillator uses an external, 32.768kHz crystal. The RTC tracks time with separate registers for hours, minutes and seconds. The device has calendar registers for date, month, year and day of the week. The calendar is accurate through 2099, with automatic leap year correction.

The IRQ/FOUT provides one of 15 different frequency output ranging from 32.768 kHz down to 1/32Hz for micro controller and other timing circuits. Users have access to 2 bytes of battery-backed SRAM that can be used for scratchpad memory.

The InterSeal feature is an obvious benefit for products that might be stored for some time before they are first used. Applications for these products include telecom systems, consumer electronics, industrial, medical devices, and security related equipment and systems.

Key Features

* Event Detect and Time Stamp
* InterSeal battery saver
* On-chip oscillator compensation
* Accurate real time clock and calendar
o Tracks time in hours, minutes and seconds
o Day of the week, day, month and year
* Flexible alarm with single event and pulse interrupt mode
o Settable to the second, minute, hour, day of the week, day or month
o Single event or pulse interrupt mode
* 15 selectable frequency outputs
* Automatic backup to battery or super cap
* 2 bytes of battery-backed user SRAM
* 400nA battery supply current at 3.0V

Target Applications:

* Utility meters, HVAC and POS equipment, test meters and fixtures
* Vending Machine, ATM, Postage Stamp dispenser
* Cellular infrastructure and fixed broadband wireless equipment
* Computer products and office automation equipment (copiers, fax requiring Time Stamp)
* Security and anti-tampering applications
o Panel/enclosure status
o Warranty reporting
o Time stamping applications
o Patrol/security check (fire or light equipment)
o Automotive applications

Lunes, 11 Julio, 2005 - 07:00
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