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Harris Corporation Introduces Digital Broadcasting System to Brazil Broadcaster

CINCINNATI - Harris Corporation announced the sale and installation of an end-to-end digital studio to transmitter link (STL) and 10 kW UHF Atlas™ transmitter to Universidade Luterana do Brasil (ULBRA). The link provides ULBRA with a bi-directional audio, data and video network between its studios and transmitter site. ULBRA can now transport video and audio digitally within its network, delivering a higher quality picture to viewers. The technology also prepares ULBRA to deliver a digital broadcast signal at such time as they move to a full DTV platform.

Founded in 1911 and based in Canoas RS, ULBRA hosts more than 78,000 students and runs its own television network. The university sought a way to more flexibly transport live digitized video, audio, and data between its main studio in Porto Alegre, its studio in Canoas, and the transmitter site on Morro da Policia. ULBRA also required a method to digitally backhaul video from its electronic news gathering (ENG) link at its transmitter site in Morro da Policia to its main studio. By combining NetVX™, Harris' integrated high-speed networking platform, and a digital microwave link from Harris Microwave Communications Division, ULBRA was able to meet its need for bi-directional transport of multiple digital video streams at a price close to what traditional video links cost.

As part of the upgrade, ULBRA also implemented the Harris' ReCon® remote control and facility management system, which enables station personnel to remotely control a diverse set of broadcast, network and facility equipment by IP. An individual at one studio can now request video from the second studio without the need for additional support at the remote location. Harris' NetVX™ networking platform and digital microwave radio provide the IP link.

"Our ability to go to one company, Harris, for this solution, helped us to remove a lot of the complexity in our transition to a digital broadcast infrastructure," said Pedro Menegat, administrative director for the university. "Further, we found that the NetVX™ platform, when combined with digital microwave technology, was a cost-effective way to meet our current needs for audio and video transport, while giving us flexibility in moving to a digital broadcast platform."

"Harris' approach to providing digital video networks is ideally suited for ULBRA and other groups in South America that broadcast an analog signal today, but plan to move to a fully digital platform in the future," said Nahuel Villegas, regional sales director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Harris Broadcast Communications Division's Networking & Government Solutions business unit. "We look forward to continuing to support broadcasters throughout the region."

"This upgrade by ULBRA is an excellent example of the synergies that can be achieved with the proper combination of Harris' industry leading broadcast and microwave radio equipment," said Juan Diaz, Latin America sales director for Harris' Microwave Communications Division. "Harris' line of digital microwave radios provides the performance and reliability that allows for easy transmission of video links at a price point that makes this upgrade attractive."

Lunes, 11 Julio, 2005 - 07:00
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