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National Instruments Introduces New Intelligent Data Acquisition Devices

National Instruments today announced the release of seven new R Series devices and five CompactRIO modules for embedded digital signal processing and high-speed control. Engineers and scientists can use these intelligent devices to create their own data acquisition and control circuitry through National Instruments LabVIEW graphical development tools.

For example, by using the new LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit, LabVIEW programmers can take advantage of automatically generated LabVIEW FPGA code and easily design digital filters on the FPGA chips of their RIO devices. The LabVIEW code in the FPGAs of these devices can run at rates up to 40 MHz, making these devices an ideal solution for ultrahigh-speed analog and discrete control.

“LabVIEW FPGA and RIO technology is the heart of our data acquisition and control system, and the new denser 3 million-gate version of R Series devices provides for additional onboard processing and future expandability,” said Michael Wiltberger, principal engineer at Optimedica Corporation. “By leveraging an off-the-shelf product, we are reducing our engineering and maintenance costs, and at the same time the FPGA offers greater safety and system reliability than a custom solution.”

The new NI R Series devices feature a denser 3 million-gate FPGA chip, 40 MHz digital I/O (DIO) rates, 200 kHz analog input rates and 1 MHz analog output rates. The new R Series plug-in devices include:

· NI PXI/PCI-7833R: 3M gate multifunction DAQ devices (8 AI, 8 AO and 96 DIO channels)
· NI PXI/PCI-7813R: 3M gate digital only DAQ devices (160 DIO channels)
· NI PXI/PCI-7830R: 1M gate multifunction DAQ devices (4 AI, 4 AO and 56 DIO channels)
· NI PCI-7811R: 1M gate digital only DAQ device (160 DIO channels)

The five new NI CompactRIO modules expand the RIO embedded platform with up to 32 channels per module and increased digital performance with 100 nanoseconds I/O rates. With the new NI 9476 module, engineers can control 24 V actuators with up to 8 A of current drive per module. Two of the new CompactRIO modules feature new D-Sub connector options for the industrial NI 9221 and NI 9201 analog input modules, offering low-cost cabling options for high-volume OEM applications. The three additional new CompactRIO modules include:

· NI 9401: 8-channel, ultrahigh-speed bidirectional TTL digital I/O module with 100 ns I/O delay time
· NI 9476: 32-channel, industrial digital output module with 500 µs I/O delay time
· NI 9265: 4-channel, 16-bit simultaneous current output module with 100 kS/s update rate

“Since its inception, virtual instrumentation has given users the power to define their own data acquisition and control hardware using high-level software tools,” said Tim Dehne, National Instruments senior vice president of R&D. “These new RIO devices represent a powerful extension of virtual instrumentation; engineers and scientists now can create and customize their own data acquisition hardware using LabVIEW FPGA technology.”

Miércoles, 15 Junio, 2005 - 09:07
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