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Micrel Rolls Out New PWM Synchronous Buck Regulator For Power Sensitive Applications

San Jose, Calif., - Micrel Inc., today launched the MIC2206 a new 2MHz PWM synchronous buck regulator with LOWQ™ mode and voltage scaling. The new solution is aimed at applications that require a scaled-down voltage supply in stand-by and sleep mode including cellular phones, PDAs, digital cameras, GPS systems and USB peripherals.

“The MIC2206 is aimed at meeting the growing power needs and changing voltage requirements of today’s ASICs, DSPs and microprocessors which are used in a wide variety of consumer applications,” noted Ralf Muenster, Micrel’s director of marketing for power products. “The MIC2206 saves on valuable battery life, while keeping noise to an absolute minimum, making it an ideal choice for cellular phones, PDAs and USB peripherals.”

The MIC2206 is a PWM synchronous buck regulator featuring a LDO standby mode quiescent current of only 18uA with dual voltage level for stand-by and sleep modes. When in LOWQ™ mode, the output voltage drops to 1V, thereby reducing the current draw by the circuit being powered, reducing power in Sleep Mode and increasing stand-by time — an important feature for today’s cell phones. While this feature saves battery life it also helps avoiding spurious noise or high ripple, conditions commonly found in pulse skipping or burst mode regulators currently on the market. The MIC2206 can operate at 100 percent maximum duty cycle in low dropout conditions and delivers highly efficient (>95 percent) power at 2MHz frequency. This helps to optimize the usage of battery charge while maintaining the lowest possible size and cost of passive components. The device is offered in a small 3mm x 3mm MLF™ -10lds package

Miércoles, 13 Julio, 2005 - 06:16
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