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Harris Corporation Enables Multi-Site Redundancy for Clear Channel Denver Radio with Intraplex Audio Networking

CINCINNATI, – Harris Corporation's Broadcast Communications Division (BCD) today announced that Clear Channel Denver, comprised of eight regional radio stations, will upgrade eight existing Intraplex® CrossConnect servers and add four additional systems this summer to build closed-ring audio transmission paths for four of its FM stations (KRFX-FM, KBPI-FM, KMGG-FM, and KTCL-FM). Coupled with Harris DCS-9560-ACC CrossConnect frames, Intraplex® Enhanced apt-X™ audio cards will be crucial to the station group's new bi-directional ring for establishing signal redundancy between the main transmitter facilities, auxiliary sites and on-air studios. Once installed, Clear Channel Denver will virtually eliminate any off-air time caused by disasters related to weather or other emergency situations thanks to the new systems' redundancy.

"The Harris Intraplex® CrossConnect platform offers a level of flexibility and configurability that will allow us to continually serve our audience regardless of local conditions," said Daren McMullin, FM market chief engineer, Clear Channel Denver. "Although copper T1 technology continues to improve, there is always the chance that a single connection failure could remove our studio-to-transmitter link from operation. The bi-directional audio capability vastly increases our redundancy and keeps us on the air regardless of the situation. Harris has also provided excellent sales and technical support. They have been patient, knowledgeable and extremely willing to offer their expertise every step of the way."

The ring will feature a combination of Telco T1 and spread spectrum radio T1 circuits that allow any Clear Channel Denver studio to feed audio to any of four FM transmitter sites over a bi-directional, protected transmission path. The station group will install the DCS frames at the studio and all main and auxiliary transmitter sites to provide automated switching between multiple T1 paths and consistently ensure a robust T1 connection in the event of any T1 line failure.

The Enhanced apt-X™ audio cards, which constitute the heart of the Harris Intraplex® STL HD Plus™ system, are extremely bandwidth-efficient and were specifically designed for IBOC conversion within the HD Radio™ platform. They are an ideal choice for a single studio to transmitter link and multi-location wide area audio, telephone or data networks. The Intraplex® STL HD Plus™ can be deployed as a wide area audio and data transport network allowing multiple locations to share talent and administrative resources, reducing operating costs. These other applications "ride for free" with the program audio. Both the Enhanced apt-X™ STL HD Plus™ and the linear STL HD™ operate over all types of T1 circuits: private, public leased (Telco) circuit, microwave and spread spectrum radio, or T1 subcarrier over video microwave.

Clear Channel Denver's automated protected-ring system can also be manually operated. T1 lines sometimes experience "intermittence," which causes them to oscillate between functioning properly and improperly without experiencing a total failure. Staff engineers have the flexibility to switch transmission paths to alternate T1 lines in the event of intermittence.

The new system will also initiate local area network (LAN) capability for the station group. McMullin added that he could potentially launch a phone service for the station group through phone lines that piggyback over the bi-directional service – yet another example of the enormous flexibility and configurability offered through the Harris system and bi-directional ring.

"Redundancy is important in any station group with multiple studios and transmission sites, but it's even more valuable in markets such as Denver that often experience severe weather conditions," said Ted Nahil, broadcast channel support manager with Harris BCD's Networking Solutions business unit. "The Intraplex® CrossConnect system installation allows Clear Channel to choose the best path available for their bi-directional studio-to-transmitter connections, depending on the conditions. At the same time, Clear Channel Denver is opening new avenues for sharing resources over the improved T1 infrastructure along with the essential program audio. We are pleased that Clear Channel Denver, a longtime Harris customer, has selected our Intraplex® products to reach new heights in network redundancy."

Miércoles, 13 Julio, 2005 - 06:18
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