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Cirrus Logic Charges into Low-Power Digital Audio Applications with Highly Integ

AUSTIN, Texas – Targeting new growth segments for analog integrated circuits (ICs), Cirrus Logic Inc. has introduced a new highly integrated, low-power stereo codec for portable audio applications. The CS42L51 is the first in a new line of products focused on analog and mixed signal ICs for power-sensitive, battery-operated applications such as HDD and flash-based music players, personal media players, mini-disc players/recorders, PDAs, smart phones, digital camcorders and digital voice recorders.

The CS42L51 delivers excellent analog audio performance while providing system designers with a solution that improves battery life, reduces end product form factors and simplifies the recording and playback of digital audio. The CS42L51’s key distinction against competitive IC products is that it can operate from a single 1.8V power supply for low power consumption, yet deliver plenty of power – 46mW – into stereo 16 ohm headphones for a great listening experience for consumers.

By generating its own on-chip negative power supply voltage, the CS42L51 provides ground-centered outputs, which eliminate costly, space consuming DC blocking capacitors. The elimination of these capacitors not only reduces the implementation cost but it also greatly simplifies product design and saves valuable space on circuit boards.

“We are excited about the value this new codec will provide to our customers due to its small form factor and elimination of expensive passive components, all while operating from a single 1.8V supply and delivering the premium audio quality our customers have come to expect,” said Jason Rhode, vice president and general manager, Mixed-Signal Audio Products Division, Cirrus Logic. “The CS42L51 will finally enable designers to stop sacrificing audio quality in their portable products due to size and power constraints.”

In addition to a high-quality multi-bit Delta Sigma based ADC and DAC, the CS42L51 integrates a 3:1 stereo input multiplexer, programmable gain amplifier, a stereo microphone preamplifier and low-noise bias supply, automatic level control, and a digital signal processing engine, which offers features such as bass/treble boost, limiter and a tone generator. Its analog stereo outputs can be configured as HP or line out, with digital volume and mute output control.

Martes, 19 Julio, 2005 - 07:00
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