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Power Management ICs Combine Discrete Functions into Single-Chip Solutions

CHANDLER, Ariz., - Microchip Technology Inc., introduced the TC1303/TC1304 and TC1313 series of power management integrated circuits that combine a synchronous buck switching regulator, low dropout regulator (LDO) and power-good function into single-chip solutions. These five new devices offer low-power and low-cost advantages for a variety of battery-operated and dual-output-voltage systems.

The five power management devices being announced today are the:

• TC1303A: A 500 milliAmp synchronous buck regulator and 300 milliAmp LDO with a power-good function on the dc-to-dc converter output.

• TC1303B: A 500 milliAmp synchronous buck regulator and 300 milliAmp LDO with a power-good function on the LDO output.

• TC1303C: A 500 milliAmp synchronous buck regulator and 300 milliAmp LDO with a power-good function on the LDO and dc-to-dc converter outputs.

• TC1304: A 500 milliAmp synchronous buck regulator and 300 milliAmp LDO with power sequencing.

• TC1313: A 500 milliAmp synchronous buck regulator and 300 milliAmp LDO.

These new devices provide a very cost-effective solution with minimal board space because of the high-frequency operation of the buck converter, which reduces the size requirements of the external inductor and capacitor; the minimal external component requirement by the LDO and the small DFN (dual flat no leads) package size.

The switching regulator is a synchronous buck dc-dc converter with a PWM oscillator operating at a fixed 2.0 MHz when the load is heavy. It offers a low-current operating mode, or pulse frequency operation (PFM), when the load is light in stand-by mode. The dc-dc regulator has adjustable and fixed-output voltage options, allowing the user to dial in the exact voltage needed or to use a fixed option to minimize the external part count.

The auxiliary linear LDO regulator can operate at loads of up to 300 milliAmps and has a typical dropout voltage of 137 milliVolts at a 200 milliAmp load. This allows the LDO to operate with minimum differential voltage. The LDO is stable with a single 1.0 microfarad ceramic capacitor on the output.

The devices are externally compensated and offer a number of protection features, including undervoltage lockout (UVLO), overtemperature protection and output short circuit protection. The TC1303/TC1313 devices offer individual shutdown controls for the two regulators, and an operating junction temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius. The small thermally enhanced package (10-lead, 3x3mm DFN) minimizes board space and allows for excess heat to be extracted from the package.

In the case of the TC1304, the power-good circuit in conjunction with the SHDN pin provides a power-sequencing function that requires the LDO output to be operating within specification before the switcher is allowed to activate. Conversely, the sequencing circuit turns off the switcher output prior to the LDO output when the device is shutting down.

The TC1303/TC1304 and TC1313 series provide an ideal solution for applications like: computing (FPGA power source) and hand-held, battery-powered products (cell phones and MP3 players). For computers, the TC1303 family provides an excellent solution for supplying dual output voltages for core voltage and I/O requirements. In addition, the power-good function can be used to signal when the power is within specific limits. Or, the TC1304 can be used to sequence power so that voltage is applied to one circuit before the other is powered up.

For hand-held battery-powered applications, the TC1303/TC1304 and TC1313 series provide an ideal fit because they have low quiescent current, power savings PFM mode and high conversion efficiency along with an auxiliary LDO for various applications. The major application is to supply low voltage core voltages and higher voltages for the I/O from a Lithium-Ion battery source.

To help engineers get started and to demonstrate the effectiveness of these power management solutions, Microchip is offering the TC1303BDM-DDBK1 Demonstration Board for $30 US beginning in August 2005.

Miércoles, 20 Julio, 2005 - 11:00
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