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STMicroelectronics Introduces Development Kit Supporting JTAG Debug and Trace for 8-bit General-Purpose USB Microcontrollers

  Geneva – STMicroelectronics has announced a new development toolkit to support the recently introduced 10-MIPs 8-bit USB2.0 uPSD3400 microcontrollers. Priced at just $199.00, the new toolkit – the DK3400 – provides users with a complete development platform which includes all the hardware and software tools required to develop and debug an embedded design based on ST’s uPSD3400 Turbo Plus series of 8-bit embedded Flash MCUs.

The DK3400 kit combines optimized software and hardware tools from two popular tool vendors; Keil’s uVision3 and the Rkit IDE (RIDE) from Raisonance. Evaluation versions of the Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) from both companies are included in each toolkit. Both of these software development tools provide simple initialization of uPSD projects, including automatically generated startup and header files specific to the uPSD family. Both support the advanced JTAG debug features of the uPSD3400, including single-step, program trace, code coverage and advanced breakpoints.

The required JTAG debugging hardware – ULINK from Keil and RLINK-ST from Raisonance – is also provided in the kit. In addition the Rkit IDE includes a full-featured debugger, with no code size limits, that supports most 8051 compilers.

The DK3400 development board itself consists of a motherboard with a detachable daughterboard. The motherboard includes sockets for extension boards, a 132x22 dot matrix display with Chinese font support, an RS-232 connector, and a PS/2 connector for an external keyboard. The ED3K4 daughter board features dual USB connectors; one to support the USB function of the uPSD3400 series, the other providing the USB connection for the embedded RLINK-ST USB to JTAG adapter which is implemented in hardware on the board. The daughter board also includes a 14-pin JTAG connector, a second RS-232 connection, an IrDA transceiver, and pad space for an optional user-supplied NAND Flash chip.

In addition to the evaluation versions of the Keil and Raisonance software, each DK3400 kit ships with ST’s PSDsoft Express, which is used for the initial configuration of the uPSD memory map and I/O. The toolkits include full documentation, with a printed color quick start guide, a user manual and datasheet on CD, demonstration software and example code, all the required cables and a power supply.

The uPSD3400 Turbo Plus, introduced earlier this year, is the highest performing MCU in ST’s popular 8051-class, embedded Flash, uPSD family. It offers system level integration, with world-leading Flash and SRAM densities, for general-purpose 8-bit embedded applications. Its core is a 4-cycle-per-instruction 40MHz 8032 MCU – enhanced by an internal 16-bit path that allows 2-byte instructions to be fetched in a single memory cycle – leading to performance averaging 9 MIPS (Million Instructions per Second) and peaking at 10 MIPS.

The uPSD3400 supports USB 2.0 at full-speed, and its JTAG interface enables in-system programming and MCU core debugging with high speed instruction tracing capability, eliminating the need for a hardware In-Circuit Emulator (ICE). It is the ideal MCU for a broad variety of applications, including point-of-sale peripherals, vending machines, LCD projectors, security and building controls, data acquisition, handheld instrumentation and telecommunications.

Jueves, 21 Julio, 2005 - 05:40
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