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Rockwell Automation Offers Enhanced Performance Communications Processor for PLC-5 Controllers

MILWAUKEE — Rockwell Automation has enhanced the PLC-5 Series F EtherNet/IP Processors and Series C Interface Modules to include a new enhanced performance communications processor. The new products incorporate redesigned communications circuitry and operating system firmware.

The redesigned Series F Ethernet Processors and Series C Interface Modules will now provide 10/100Mbps Ethernet, allowing them to be applied in larger, more demanding high-throughput applications. This enhancement will significantly improve the performance of the PLC-5 for users.

"Many Ethernet networks operate using the 100Mbps baud rate," said Jeff Ipser, product marketing manager at Rockwell Automation. "Earlier PLC-5 processors were designed with only 10 Mbps communication capability. By offering this enhancement, we continue to protect our customer's investment in the PLC-5 platform."

Expanded messaging capability has also been added to the products, allowing for event trigger e-mails to be sent by the PLC-5. These e-mail notifications can be used to notify users of important machine based events as they occur. An upgrade to RSLogix 5 software is required to setup the e-mail messaging capabilities and allow optimized communication configuration of the new series products.

In addition, by upgrading RSLogix 5 software, users will have the capability to enable or disable auto-negotiation for selection of speed and duplex for the Ethernet channel. Users may disable auto-negotiation and select from four fixed speed/duplex settings: 10Mbps half-duplex, 10Mbps full-duplex, 100Mbps half-duplex, or 100Mbps full-duplex.

The PLC-5 Series F processors and Series C Interface Modules have also been redesigned with a RJ45 connector on the faceplate. This allows direct connection of CAT5 network cabling, eliminating the need for an external transceiver.

The PLC-5 Series C Interface Module with 10/100 Mbps enhancements will be available in August 2005.

The PLC-5 Series F processors with 10/100 Mbps enhancements will be available in February 2006.

Viernes, 22 Julio, 2005 - 10:35
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