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Increased power handling from compact PNP

  One of the first batch of products to be released from the Zetex Generation 5 bipolar process, the ZXTP2006E6 PNP transistor takes the performance of miniature SOT23-6 packaged parts to a new high with its switched load power handling capability of 70W.

Characterised by Generation 5's low saturation voltage, arising from a reduced component resistance, the ZXTP2006E6 provides designers with a high efficiency solution for battery charging, DC-DC converter and general power management tasks.

This 20V PNP transistor exhibits a -130mV maximum VCE(sat) for an Rsat rating of just 31mΩ and can sustain a continuous collector current of 3.5A. Its high hFE capability also helps minimise the drive requirements - the gain offered at 1A for example is at least 300.

The latest addition to Zetex's rapidly growing range of 'Miniature Package Power SolutionsTM ' (MPPSTM), the ZXTP2006E6 uses the sub 3mm2 footprint and maximum 1.45mm off-board height of the SOT23-6 package to help designers optimise board size.

The price of the ZXTP2006E6 through distributors is $0.27 in quantities of 10,000.



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