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Dedicated IC Simplifies Implementation of a SHA-1-Based Token Authentication System

  DALLAS, TX -Dallas Semiconductor introduces the DS2705, a SHA-1 authentication master. The DS2705 provides the master side of a secure hash algorithm-based (SHA) token authentication scheme and orchestrates the challenge/response sequence. This dedicated device eliminates the hardware and software development of a host implementation, thus greatly simplifying design efforts and reducing development time.

Residing within the host, the DS2705 works with Dallas Semiconductor's other battery-management SHA-1 token products that reside in the battery or accessory. These latter products include the DS2703 SHA-1 battery-pack authentication IC and the DS2704 1280-bit EEPROM with SHA-1 authentication.

Authentication with the DS2705 can be configured to initiate upon host demand or automatically when a battery or accessory is inserted into a system. The predetermined SHA-1 challenge-and-response pair is stored in the DS2705's nonvolatile EEPROM, which can be permanently locked to prevent corruption. Upon completion of the challenge-and-response sequence between the master and token, the pass/fail status is conveniently reported on dedicated DS2705 port pins (one pin for pass and one for fail) to signal the charge system and/or drive LEDs. This further simplifies system design and operation. As all communication between the DS2705 master and the SHA-1 token product occurs through the Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire« interface, only one contact is needed between the host and battery/accessory.

Typical applications for the DS2705 include digital cameras, portable DVD and media players, cradle and accessory chargers, and cell phones/smartphones. The device is available in tiny 8-pin ÁSOP or ÁMAX« lead-free packages. Prices start at $2.20 (10,000-up, FOB USA).

1-Wire is a registered trademark of Dallas Semiconductor Corp.
ÁMAX is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

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