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IR Introduces Mid-Voltage MOSFETs Optimized for Switching Converter Applications in Netcom Systems

  EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - International Rectifier today introduced new N-channel 60, 80 and 100V HEXFET® MOSFETs for switching converter applications used in today’s networking and communications systems that improve the figure of merit for resistance multiplied by charge by as much as 36%. IRF7853PbF, IRF7854PbF, and IRF7855PbF are designed for AC-DC secondary-side synchronous rectification, isolated medium-power DC-DC applications.

“A MOSFET’s on-state resistance and total gate charge performance have a first-order effect on overall circuit efficiency. Our three new SO-8 devices use IR’s Trench MOSFET technology to deliver substantial reductions in RDS(on) and Qg to bring significant system-level benefits to converter circuits,” said Mario Battello, marketing manager for SMPS Products at International Rectifier.

Together with IR’s low-voltage MOSFETs and controller ICs, these mid-range MOSFETs form secondary-side chipsets for medium-power, converter applications. In addition, when combined with the SmartRectifierTM IR1167 in AC-DC power supplies such as laptop adaptors, for example, these new SO-8 devices can replace two of their large TO-220 MOSFET counterparts and their associated heatsinks, improving overall system efficiency by as much as 1%.

The 100V IRF7853 is also optimized for wide-range communication bus input (36V to 75V) primary-side bridge topologies in isolated DC-DC bus converters. The 80V IRF7854 is useful for active ORing and hot-swap applications. All three of the MOSFETs are designed for secondary-side synchronous rectification in 5-19Vout flyback converter and resonant half-bridge applications and are suitable for isolated DC-DC applications as primary-side switches in forward or push-pull topologies for 18-36Vin isolated DC-DC converters.

Viernes, 26 Mayo, 2006 - 09:25
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