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Intersil Launches Family of 3.3V ESD-Protected (3kV), Low-Power RF Gain Blocks for Satellite TV and ISM Bands

  MILPITAS, CA - Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog solutions, today introduced six new RF amplifiers in its ISL550xx family for use in satellite receivers and ISM (industry, scientific and medical) band applications that have integrated ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection up to 3kV human body model.

Intersil�s ISL55005 is a 3.3V gain block optimized for operation from 900 MHz to 2.5 GHz. The device provides gain of 17dB and an OIP3 (output third-order intercept point) of 18dBm. It has an input impedance of 75 Ohms and an output impedance of 50 Ohms, thus eliminating the need for the system designer to do an impedance translation. With a far superior ESD rating to any of its competitors, the ISL55005 provides significant cost savings by reducing the need for external ESD protection.

All of the devices in the ISL550xx family are self-biased and are available in 6-pin SC70 packages. Gain is constant to 1 dB across 1 GHz of bandwidth. They draw very little quiescent current (~20mA for ISL55005/7/8 and only ~13mA for ISL55009/10/11). The devices also come in 50 Ohm / 50 Ohm, 75 Ohm / 75 Ohm input / output impedance configurations.

�Most RF gain blocks on the market do not specify an ESD rating,� said Sameer Vuyyuru, director of Intersil�s Standard Analog products group. �Intersil�s ISL550xx family is tested and guaranteed to 3kV. This critical feature, along with the self-biasing architecture and multiple impedance options, make these devices extremely easy to use in the ISM band or in satellite receivers and LNBs (low- noise block down-converters).�

The table below shows the list of devices released:
Part Z in Z out Gain Noise Figure Quiescent Current
ISL55005 75 ohm 50 ohm 17 dB 3.6 dB 21 mA
ISL55007 75 ohm 75 ohm 16 dB 3.8 dB 21mA
ISL55008 50 ohm 50 ohm 15 dB 3.9 dB 21 mA
ISL55009 75 ohm 50 ohm 16 dB 3.7 dB 14 mA
ISL55010 75 ohm 75 ohm 15 dB 3.7dB 14 mA
ISL55011 50 ohm 50 ohm 14 dB 3.9 dB 14 mA

* LNB and LNB-T line amplifiers
* IF gain blocks for satellite HDTV set top boxes
* PA driver amplifiers
* Wireless data, satellites
* Bluetooth/WiFi
* Satellite locator and signal strength meters

Miércoles, 07 Junio, 2006 - 02:05
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