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Micron Technology Inc., Drives New Standard for High Capacity Storage in Mobile Systems

Boise, Idaho – NAND flash memory products are revolutionizing how people use mobile phones and other personal applications, enabling them to store large amounts of music, high-resolution images, videos, and e-mails. Micron, a worldwide provider of advanced memory and image sensor solutions, today introduced a new Managed NAND flash technology for feature-rich mobile handsets and other portable devices.

The new embedded product line unites Micron's NAND flash memory with a high-speed multimedia card (MMC) controller. This all-in-one memory and controller package streamlines a manufacturer's mobile design process and simplifies NAND flash procurement logistics.

"Micron continues to diversify and focus its efforts, particularly in the area of NAND development and technology, for high growth markets" said Achim Hill, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing and Product Development. "As we lead the NAND market into the embedded space, we are enabling manufacturers to simplify their memory sub-system design with a more flexible, industry standard architecture that allows for the integration of high capacity, low cost NAND Flash."

The introduction of managed NAND devices reiterates Micron's leadership position in providing customers with advanced memory solutions. Recently, Micron announced its multichip package (MCP) line that combines its NAND flash memory and Mobile DRAM featuring Endur-IC™ technology into one package. With the addition of the managed interface, Micron's new NAND device is also an ideal Mobile DRAM companion, further enhancing an already powerful MCP combination.

MMC is a high-speed, industry standard interface which provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a technology independent, vendor independent mass storage solution. The system processor accesses the managed NAND device using a high-level, block abstracted protocol. The flash controller embedded within the low-profile ball grid array (BGA) package handles error correction code (ECC), block erase and defect management functions.

As mass storage requirements grow, managed NAND flash will be increasingly used in mobile phones or in other portable devices. Micron's managed NAND devices will be available in 1 gigabyte (GB) and higher densities. The new device accommodates data transfer rates of up to 52 megabytes per second and offers manufacturers design options of 1.8V VCC (1.8VIO) or 3.3V VCC (3.3V IO / 1.8V IO) and single-level cell (SLC) or multi-levelcell (MLC) technology Micron iscurrently sampling these devices to select customers, with general sampling andproduction expected in 2007.

Jueves, 08 Junio, 2006 - 05:11
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