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LED Effects Selects Cypress's PSoC® Mixed Signal Arrays For Next-Generation LED Display Products

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE: CY) today announced that LED Effects, Inc., a leader in custom LED lighting systems for large architectural projects, has selected Cypress's Programmable System-on-Chip™ (PSoC®) mixed-signal array for LED control in next-generation LED Effects products.

LED Effects products can be combined into large dynamic lighting arrays that chase, stroke, pulsate, run, color shift, sparkle, scintillate, or simply project a single color on cue, with image capture and animation. These systems are ideally suited for OEM lamp manufactures, casinos, shopping malls, theaters, pools, landscaping, space exploration, and limitless exterior and interior lighting solutions. There are no single-color or RGB lighting systems less expensive or easier to install than the LED Effects lighting systems.

"The PSoC architecture allows us to simplify our design cycle and reduce our component count," said Kevin Furry, president of LED Effects. "With some of our projects involving literally millions of LEDs, this translates into significant savings."

"LED Effects builds some of the most extraordinary lighting displays the world has ever seen," said George Saul, vice president of Cypress's PSoC Business Unit. "We're pleased and proud to be included in these projects going forward."

About the PSoC Family
PSoC devices are configurable mixed signal arrays that integrate a fast 8-bit microcontroller with many peripheral functions typically found in an embedded design. PSoC devices provide the advantages of an ASIC without the ASIC NRE or turn-around time. A single PSoC device can integrate as many as 100 peripheral functions with a microcontroller, saving customers design time, board space and power consumption. Customers can save from 5 cents to as much as $10 in system costs. Easy to use development tools enable designers to select configurable library elements to provide analog functions such as amplifiers, ADCs, DACs, filters and comparators and digital functions such as timers, counters, PWMs, SPI and UARTs. The PSoC family's analog features include rail-to-rail inputs, programmable gain amplifiers and up to 14-bit ADCs with exceptionally low noise, input leakage and voltage offset. PSoC devices include up to 32KB of Flash memory, 2KB of SRAM, an 8x8 multiplier with 32-bit accumulator, power and sleep monitoring circuits, and hardware I2C communications.

All PSoC devices are dynamically reconfigurable, enabling designers to create new system functions on-the-fly. Designers can effectively utilize far greater than 100 percent of the die in many cases by reconfiguring the same silicon for different functions at different times.

About LED Effects
LED Effects' charter is to design custom and production electronic Light Emitting Diode (LED) systems and lighting products which others often deem impossible or far too difficult a challenge. LED Effects changes the rules that its competition must live by as it creates new standards in the LED products industry.

Jueves, 08 Junio, 2006 - 05:46
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