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Agilent Technologies FrameScope Pro handheld ethernet-performance analyzer simplifies Video-over-IP service rollout

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced its Video-over-IP test kit for the N2620A FrameScope Pro. The handheld Ethernet performance analyzer, which includes Voice-over-IP testing, is the most compact Gigabit Ethernet troubleshooting and RFC 2544 network performance benchmarking tool on the market. Capable of generating traffic up to full-Gigabit line rate and equipped with optical and electrical ports, this kit provides simplified testing between any two accessible points in the Ethernet infrastructure needed to provide triple-play services.

The new Video-over-IP testing capability helps service providers connect more homes through efficient use of network resources (such as DSLAM ports), and provides the fast and successful turn-up of their new, IP-based video-on-demand and video-broadcasting services. Network qualification of parameters that affect the end-user's viewing experience helps to prevent problems when the services go live. The ability to measure the network parameters allows service technicians to correlate video quality with network performance. A complete set of onboard test tools enables faster location of network bottlenecks and the root causes of performance issues.

The most critical network parameters for video services are packet loss and packet jitter; a mere 10-percent IP packet-loss rate can cause the loss of 65 percent of video frames, rendering the content unviewable. While frame buffering can compensate for packet jitter with on-demand content, live video cannot be buffered for too long, and therefore is more demanding of the network. FrameScope Pro provides test technicians with the information needed to judge the capabilities of Ethernet connections. After upgrading with the new feature, the analyzer measures and documents IP packet-loss rate and packet jitter while receiving video footage.

Marginal or excessive packet loss and jitter can be caused by priority conflicts between data, voice and video traffic; insufficient network bandwidth due to network congestion; or over-subscription of services. FrameScope Pro can simplify the correction of network configuration issues. If video quality is poor, FrameScope Pro identifies the source of packet loss or jitter that is the cause of the problem.

"Provisioning video content through IP-based networks while maintaining a high quality of service is the third step to triple-play services deployment, and the most challenging one," said Alois Hauk, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Photonic Measurement Division. "To realize the cost savings offered by simplified, less expensive infrastructures, service providers need to rely on network performance data that they can trust. FrameScope Pro helps prevent problems and allows for fast reaction on video and voice quality issues by quickly locating network performance issues."

The benefits of FrameScope Pro include:

* a unique autotest feature for troubleshooting and network pre-qualification, which delivers detailed test results with minimum configuration effort;
* an upgrade ability to Video-over-IP and Voice-over-IP testing for existing FrameScope Pro analyzers, which protects customer investments;
* predefined performance test suites, which allow operators to run tests easily by pressing a single button;
* support for PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet), which accommodates dial-in configurations;
* active and passive autodiscovery of network stations and members of stacked VLANs, which help to automatically identify network resources; and
* remote control via any Web browser, allowing for central troubleshooting, monitoring and reporting, which eliminates costly dispatches.


The Agilent N2620A FrameScope Pro Video will be available in October 2006.

Viernes, 09 Junio, 2006 - 08:46
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