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Agilent Technologies introduces PCI Express X16 protocol analyzer including a new graphical user interface with easy-flow functionality for customers with high-bandwidth requirements

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced an advanced graphical user interface (GUI) for its E2960A family of serial protocol tester tools. Agilent's E2960A protocol analyzer also now supports PCI Express X16 bus width, providing customers in computing and communications with a complete suite of protocol-analysis tools for any lane width from X1 through X16.

he GUI's easy-flow function creates a viewing environment that allows users to arrange and view the data in a way that matches their needs. This new interface also provides easy-search and easy-filter features that allow users to find similar fields or frames with a single mouse click. These capabilities dramatically improve the ease of navigation and interaction with the analyzer's powerful triggering functionality.

Agilent's PCI Express X1, X4, X8 and X16 protocol analyzers can be connected to the device-under-test in a variety of ways with passive slot interposer probe boards, active slot interposer boards, individual lead sets (solder-on or grabbers), or through mid-bus probing, which uses Agilent's patented soft-touch connectorless probing technology. This is the largest selection of PCI Express probing solutions from a single vendor.

"With mid-bus and interposer connections for PCI Express X16 applications and the new graphical user interface, which gives the user maximum flexibility over how they view the data, Agilent continues to reduce the barriers to the adoption of advanced serial buses such as PCI Express," said Sigi Gross, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Digital Verifications Solution Division.

Engineers and lab managers in R&D, validation and QA who test PCI Express drivers, BIOS, chipsets, boards, systems and platforms can now more quickly and intuitively perform analysis of PCI Express packets and sequences of packets. Transaction setups and analysis of the data now require only minutes to troubleshoot problems and perform root-cause analysis.

Viernes, 09 Junio, 2006 - 08:48
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