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La ciencia consiste en sustituir el saber que parecía seguro por una teoría, o sea, por algo problemático.

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Oki Electric and Kawasaki Microelectronics Collaborate to Provide High-definition LCD Chipsets

Tokyo, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan - Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (TSE: 6703) today announced that Oki and Kawasaki Microelectronics Inc. collaborate to provide LCD timing controllers (T-CON)(*1) with FP-LVDS (flat panel low voltage differential signaling), Oki's original high-speed data transferring method used in the 13bit source driver (MT3100) released in January 2006. This collaboration enables the two companies to provide interconnecting FP-LVDS-based source drivers and T-CONs to support hyper color managing LCD modules such as LCD TVs and monitors.

"We are pleased to collaborate with Kawasaki Microelectronics, a company holding a large market share in timing controller LSIs," said Masahiko Morioka, President of Silicon Solutions Company at Oki Electric. "Kawasaki Microelectronics and Oki together will promote the advanced open standard interface, Oki's FP-LVDS, to LCD module manufactures and component manufactures in Japan, Taiwan and other countries, and will work to make FP-LVDS an industry standard. In Taiwan, Oki Semiconductor Taiwan will be promoting the FP-LVDS-based source drivers."

In order to display natural colors for full HDTV (1080p)(*2) used in LCD TVs and monitors for graphic use, a 10bit (1024 tones) color depth is required, and an additional 3 bit is needed to control the three main colors (RGB) individually. Because higher-definition display demands more number of bits (gray scales) and the driver data also increases, a high-speed data transmission is necessary. Oki's FP-LVDS achieves a transfer speed of 250MHz (equivalent to 500MB per second)(*3), and is compatible with the control protocol of mini-LVDS(*4), a method commonly used for LCDs. The protocol for FP-LVDS can expand up to 16bit, thus is capable of multiple tones in the future.

"The collaboration with Oki makes a significant difference to our LCD module manufacturing customers, as we provide a solution to reduce the time and cost when developing products," said Kyoichi Kissei of Executive Vice President at Kawasaki Microelectronics.

Kawasaki Microelectronics has started to develop T-CON with FP-LVDS. THine Electronics Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc. also plan to develop and promote T-CONs with FP-LVDS.

*1 T-CON:
Timing Controller (T-CON) is an LSI that sorts the display element data into an accurate format to display colors. FP-LVDS is a method to transmit signals from the T-CON to the driver, which operates on a 250 MHz high-speed clock.
*2 Full-HDTV:
Display with 1920 x 1080 pixels. 1080 progressive with non-interlaced scan (on LCD panel)
*3 250MHz:
300MHz is available, however, recommend less than 250MHz to reduce the radiation.
*4 Mini-LVDS:
A method to transfer image data for LCD panels. It can reduce wiring by combining the conventional parallel data with serial. With low voltage signaling, it can reduce both EMI and RF radiation.

Viernes, 09 Junio, 2006 - 09:01
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