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Teridian Expands Power Meter IC Family

rvine, Calif. - Teridian Semiconductor Corp. announced today the addition of several new devices to its highly successful metering product line. The new 71M6521 family incorporates Teridianís patented Single Converter Technology TM with a 22bit delta-sigma converter, 4 analog inputs (2 phases), digital temperature compensation, and flexible 32-bit compute engine offer high linearity and better than 0.4% accuracy over 2000:1 current range guaranteed across industrial temperature range.

ď The 71M6521 r epresents Teridianís second-generation metering architecture specifically designed for cost sensitive residential applications and offers advanced power management, tamper resistance, expanded IO and other features critical to our continued success in key emerging markets,Ē said Kourosh Boutorabi, Director of Marketing for Teridian Semiconductor Corpís metering products.

The Teridian 71M6521 family includes 2 UART ports, RTC, Sag Detection, Battery Monitoring, LCD drive and MCU with 8K, 16K, and 32K FLASH/ROM memory versions and is footprint compatible with Teridianís 71M6511 residential meter in production since 2004. Itís extensive set of features, tools and software libraries support single point calibration, import/export metering, neutral current measurement, magnetic tamper resistance, common current sensors and meets IEC, ANSI and other standards in China, India, Americas, Japan, Europe, and Africa.

Teridianís Single Converter Technology TM and large portfolio of system-on-chip solutions for residential, commercial and industrial metering support active/reactive power, single/multi tariff, anti-tamper and AMR meter designs and offer OEMs a unique ability to differentiate their products in a very competitive and rapidly changing global market.

Viernes, 09 Junio, 2006 - 09:10
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