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CSR partners with Callpod® for Bluetooth® conferencing technology

  Cambridge, UK – CSR plc announced that Callpod’s scalable-patented reference design uses multiple BlueCore4 chips to enable several Bluetooth-enabled headsets to connect to a single mobile conference call device. Available as a standalone mobile accessory unit, Callpod is also developing an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) to allow its technology to be directly embedded into any device. By taking advantage of CSR’s expertise in wireless systems design, Callpod can offer its customers market-leading Bluetooth technology with data transfer rates of 3 Mbps, low power consumption and industry-leading interoperability.

Callpod Technology is an audio sharing platform designed for mobile handsets, PDAs, MP3 players and notebook computers that allow multiple users, connecting with Bluetooth-enabled headsets, to conduct conference calls or simply share mobile content anywhere. Callpod’s proprietary design and firmware allows CSR’s BlueCore4 chips to process multiple audio streams, enabling up to five Bluetooth headsets to pair with a Callpod enabled device. Callpod users can then take part simultaneously in a full-duplex conference call as well as listening to streaming audio from a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 device. Callpod technology is also Skype compatible, and enables group-to-group calling for the traditionally peer-to-peer VoIP service.

Designed specifically for consumer applications such as digital cameras, PDAs, handsets and MP3 players, BlueCore4 is a single-chip Bluetooth radio and baseband IC that achieves data transfer rates of up to three-times faster than v1.2 Bluetooth devices and thus lower power consumption as the radio is active for shorter bursts. The devices also offers full backwards compatibility with existing Bluetooth v1.1 and v1.2 products, meaning that devices using CSR technology can easily interoperate with a full range of Bluetooth headsets. BlueCore4 also incorporates auto-calibration and built-in self-test (BIST) routines to simplify development, type approval and production tests.

Mark Buckingham, VP of Sales and Marketing for Callpod commented, "No other technology like this exists today. Callpod offers device manufacturers the opportunity to provide the most advanced and innovative mobile audio content sharing solution on the market. By combining Callpod technology with CSR’s leading Bluetooth silicon and software, manufacturers can design a complete Bluetooth conferencing device in the shortest possible time while minimising costs.” Mark added, “CSR’s support and expertise have been instrumental and we’re confident that customers using our reference design will be using the very best solution on the market.”

Karen Parnell, Consumer Marketing Manager for CSR, commented, “Callpod technology opens up many new and exciting opportunities. It’s another example of the powerful applications Bluetooth brings to the market. Callpod wanted to offer device manufacturers a complete reference design that focused on the most advanced technology and highest quality of voice and audio communication. Callpod approached CSR in order to integrate Bluetooth v2.0+EDR silicon and software with its conferencing technology.” Parnell, added, “CSR’s leading wireless and voice streaming technology was the perfect partner for Callpod with the two companies producing a reference design that can be easily integrated into handsets, PDAs, music players and other consumer devices without time, cost or design constraints.”

Martes, 20 Junio, 2006 - 12:08
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