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TT electronics Welwyn Components Ltd has developed a flameproof high value thick film resistor family with a high working voltage to 10kV and a resistance value up to 1G.

Designated the GC Series, this resistor family offers circuit designers the provision of a high resistance bridge across an otherwise isolated barrier, typically to prevent build-up of excessive voltages.

Typical applications that would require the barrier resistor performance of the GC Series include - antenna-connected equipment such as TVs and set-top boxes and mains-connected capacitor bleed in PFC filters.

John Graham, marketing and sales director highlights that: “The GC Series provides adequate terminal spacing to meet clearance and creepage requirements across a wide variety of applications.”

As a high stability thick film product, the resistor is stringently tested for reaction to severe climatic change and for vibration & bump performance. The GC series resistors are available in values from 47k up to 1G and with tolerances down to 1%. TCRs are available to 100ppm/°C with a power rating of 0.25, 0.5 and 1.0 W at 70°C. LEV rates at 1700V, 3500V & 10kV. Operating temperature range is –55°C to +155°C.

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