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Flameproof Failsafe Fusing with W30 Series

TT electronics Welwyn Components is developing solutions for new applications with its W31 wirewound resistor based on its flameproof failsafe fusing, high pulse handling capability and resistance values down to 10 milliohms.

The resistor offers rapid, low-impact fusing under fault conditions, which protects against fire, without damaging the surrounding assembly and casing – an important consideration in consumer equipment.

Produced on a high quality ceramic substrate the resistor is assembled with interference fit end caps to which are welded the element winding and termination wires. The protection is then applied to the body, providing an effective seal, which is impervious to moisture, shock, vibration, fungus and salt spray.

The cement-coated wirewound resistor is ideal for mains input protection for metering and motor control in motor drives which require current sense and circuit protection. Its enhanced pulse handling performance enables the meter to survive lightning-strike transient surges up to 12kV peak.

John Graham, marketing and sales director said: “As part of the Welwyn input protection range, this resistor provides a key fusible solution and is completely customisable to suit the individual application design requirements”

The W31 resistor is available in 3W (@25°C) power rating, with a wide ohmic range from 0R01 to 10K and tolerances to 1%. Meeting the temperature range of -55 to +155°C, the W31 can be customised for specific fusing or pulse handling characteristics.

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