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CARROLLTON, TX — Providing design engineers with a family of illumination devices designed to create colors along the entire visible spectrum, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a comprehensive range of discrete RGB LEDs. Available in a variety of sizes and viewing angles, the full color surface mount family consists of LED modules that feature both flat and domed lenses.

According to Richard Saffa, vice president of OPTEK Technology’s Visible LED
Business Unit, the comprehensive range of surface mount RGB LEDs has allowed OPTEK to
expand into additional markets. “Not only are these RGB LEDs capable of producing all colors
in the visible spectrum, but the wide variety of surface mount LED packages give design
engineers a choice of dimensions, lens options and viewing angles,” Saffa explained. “Providing
customers with an extensive range of RGB LEDs gives them illumination options that are ideal
for a variety of applications, including portable appliances, as well as entertainment and
amusement equipment.”

Additional applications for the RGB LED family include mobile phones and pagers;
automotive interior and exterior lighting; indoor and outdoor signage and displays;
telecommunications applications, such as indicators and backlighting in telephones and fax
machines; camera flashes; and flat backlight devices, such as LCDs, membrane switches and
The full-color RGB surface mount LED family includes:
• The OVSTRGBAC6 full-color top-view chip LED with 110° viewing angle. Each chip
in this device is individually addressable, providing color on-demand;
• The OVSTRGBFC6 full-color SMT chip LED is housed in a 3.5 x 3.0 x 1.4mm
package and features multiple wide viewing angles;
• The OVSTRGBLC6 full-color top-view chip LED replicates the OVSTRGBAC6 but
adds a lens over each die to narrow the viewing angles for applications where more
focused emitted light is required;
• The OVSARGB3R8 full-color PLCC4 LED with 120° viewing angle. This LED
package features a 3-die design and is compatible with automatic placement equipment as
well as infrared and vapor phase reflow solder;
• The OVSTRGBBCR8 PLCC6 LED combines a wide viewing angle, low power
consumption, tuneable color mix and high light output.
All of the surface mount RGB LEDs feature AllnGaP/InGaN material with water clear
The LC6 and FC6 LEDs have a pulsed forward current of 100mA and operating
temperature is -30°C to +80°C. The AC6 top-view chip LED has a reverse voltage of 5V per
chip and operating temperature is -30°C to +85°C.
The PLCC LED devices feature a reverse voltage of 5V, and a peak forward current of
200mA for the red LEDs and 100mA for the green and blue LEDs. Operating temperature range
is -40°C to +100°C.
Typical pricing for the RGB surface mount LED family devices starts at $.95 each in
quantities of 10K pieces. Production quantity lead times, if stock is not available, are from 8 to
10 weeks.
OPTEK will be exhibiting at Electronica 2006 from November 14-17 in Munich,
Germany. Please visit them in hall A5, booth 106.

Miércoles, 06 Septiembre, 2006 - 11:55
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