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Intersil's 16x16 Video Crosspoint Ensures Black-Level Accuracy in Composite Video

  MILPITAS, CA – Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog semiconductors, today introduced a new 16x16 video crosspoint switch. The ISL59530 integrates a DC-restore clamp on each video input to eliminate black-level fluctuation, providing correctly balanced composite video with fewer external components.

The DC-restore clamp biases composite (NTSC and PAL) video by automatically adjusting the DC level of the most negative portion of the video to VREF. This feature can be disabled by the user through an SPI/QSPITM compatible, three-wire serial interface for S-video and component video applications.

“Intersil’s ISL59530 maintains proper video levels for better picture quality,” said Kathryn Tucker, marketing manager for Intersil’s Video products group. “Integrating DC-restore on the chip allows for less fluctuation, eliminating pictures that are too dark or too light. It also eliminates the need for diodes, resistors and capacitors on each video input resulting in cost and board space savings.”

The ISL59530’s 16 video inputs and 16 video outputs are non-blocking, allowing users to route any of the input signals to any of the outputs. The device also features a broadcast mode in which any single input can be simultaneously sent to all outputs. With 150MHz of bandwidth in broadcast mode, the ISL59530 is well suited for KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) applications. Outputs can be individually programmed to gains of +1 or +2 for greater flexibility.

Clearer Pictures and Greater Flexibility
The ISL59530 features a -3dB signal bandwidth of 300MHz and a 6MHz signal crosstalk of -90dB. This performance supports increasingly higher video resolutions as well as provides superior isolation for less leakage between video channels. The device also has a large output current for driving multiple video loads. Each output of the ISL59530 can be put into a high impedance state so that several outputs can be connected together enabling much larger video matrices without adding rows of buffers.

This device offers an integrated fast OSD (on-screen display) switch in each output to enable users to switch in other graphics -- such as the location of the camera providing the video feed – into the video signal. Intersil’s OSD switch performs at speeds necessary for “glitchless OSD”, or video signal switching without any noticeable smudging. The integration of OSD switch further reduces the BOM when compared to other competitive solutions.

Footprint Compatible Crosspoint Switch Family
This device is part of Intersil’s new line of video crosspoint switches that are footprint compatible with our industry-leading, single-chip 32x32 video crosspoint. Customers can use the same board design for a variety of different applications and choose the Intersil crosspoint that best fits their input and output requirements. This gives customers additional flexibility and reduces the need for unique board designs for different applications.

Key Features

* 16x16 non-blocking switch with buffered inputs and outputs
* 300MHz typical bandwidth
* Integrated DC-restore clamp on each input
* 0.025%/0.05° dG/dP
* Output gain switchable x1 or x2 for each channel
* Individual outputs can be put in a high impedance state
* -90dB Isolation at 6MHz
* SPI digital interface
* Single +5V supply operation
* Pb-free plus anneal available (RoHS compliant)

Target Applications

* Security camera switching
* RGB routing
* HDTV routing

About Intersil's Video Products
From high-performance video amplifiers to differential line equalizers, Intersil's portfolio of video products can address any portion of the analog signal chain. The number and variety of video products on the market continues to grow. With the expansion of HDTV and high-resolution RGB (red, green, blue) signals, the most common point-to-point connection for a video signal is analog. Intersil's video ICs provide many solutions for moving these signals around. Whether it is transmitting RGB down CAT-5 or switching 32 security video feeds, Intersil has a solution. Also, Intersil's ISL5944x family extends the available bandwidth of RGB multiplexers on the market from 500 MHz up to 1GHz – the first time this barrier has been broken. Intersil continues to deliver best-in-class video solutions for its customers, addressing every piece of the signal chain.

Miércoles, 06 Septiembre, 2006 - 12:02
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