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XYS Adds 800V Versions of its PolarHVTM Power MOSFETs

Santa Clara, CA - IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: SYXI - News) announced today the release of new 800V PolarHV Power MOSFETs that bring additional design flexibility to a broad range of higher power conversion applications. The PolarHV platform incorporates IXYS’ proprietary technology that reduces on-resistance by 30%, enabling improved efficiency. These new Power MOSFETs extend the PolarHV portfolio into the high voltage power conversion market.

IXYS’ new 800V PolarHV Power MOSFETs cover a broad range of power, with over 50 parts to choose from in both Standard and HiPerFET versions. HiPerFET models feature a fast intrinsic body diode for low Qrr and improved hard-switching efficiency. All of these Power MOSFETs are offered in standard packages and a variety of IXYS ISOPLUS packages with integral backside case isolation. The IXFC16N80P (800V, 9A, Rdson = 0.65 ohm with isolated Rth,jc = 0.9K/W) and IXFR44N80P (800V, 25A, Rdson = 0.2 ohm with isolated? Rth,jc = 0.42K/W) are just some examples of ISOPLUS PolarHV HiPerFET Power MOSFETs with superior electrical and thermal performance.

“We extended our capability to use a standard CMOS memory wafer fab to design and produce these advanced power MOSFETs. IXYS pioneered the fabless model for a power semiconductor company as a business model, and have been using CMOS IC fabs since 1984. The fact that our scientists are able to produce state of the art power MOSFETs in these fabs, offers our customers excellent performance/price ratio advantages which result in better energy efficiency in power systems,” commented Dr. Nathan Zommer IXYS CEO.

IXYS’ 800V PolarHV Power MOSFETs will be valuable in a variety of applications, with best-in-class performance and competitive pricing. Common 800V applications include DC-DC converters, high voltage lighting, industrial machinery and medical equipment. The superior ruggedness and safe operating area of the PolarHV Power MOSFETs will be of additional benefit in applications with challenging operating conditions. The value of the larger, high-current MOSFET is enhanced by the fact that they are competitively priced, without the cost premium traditionally associated with high voltage MOSFETs. IXYS will continue to grow the high voltage product line, with an ongoing plan to increases the value offered in the PolarHV market.
About IXYS

IXYS is a global leader in Power Semiconductors, Gate Drive ICs and RF Power Devices. With over 20 year’s experience, IXYS products are designed to meet the demands of the power market for best-in-class Performance, Quality and Reliability. IXYS product information can be obtained at

IXYS develops and markets primarily high performance power and RF semiconductors and control ICs that are used in controlling and converting electrical power efficiently in power systems for telecommunication infrastructure, motor drives, medical systems and transportation. IXYS also serves emerging markets with digital and analog ICs that control flat panel displays, medical instruments and telecommunication products.

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