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Harris Corporation Delivers More Services, New Opportunities to Radio Broadcasters with Expanded Product Portfolio

CINCINNATI — Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS) will reinforce its status as the radio industry's leading supplier at NAB Radio (Booth #405, Hilton Anatole Hotel, Dallas, September 19-21) with its largest and most diverse product display in the history of the show. While Harris plans to bring its renowned transmission and studio products designed for large-market broadcasters, the company also will showcase new products built for analog and small- to medium-market digital broadcasters. The company also continues to enhance its HD Radio™ strategy by placing a stronger emphasis on the data side of the equation which, when combined with improved audio quality and multicasting initiatives, increases revenue-generating opportunities for the digital broadcaster. Furthermore, Harris will showcase recent developments in IP connectivity solutions that range from high-end STL applications to cost-efficient program streaming and monitoring.

"The end-to-end HD Radio transmission platform continues to evolve as new technologies bring new opportunities to the radio station's bottom line," said Debra Huttenburg, vice president and general manager for Harris Broadcast Communications Division, Radio Broadcast Systems business unit. "The introduction of our complete FlexStar® family of HD Radio products last year was a clear indication of our commitment to bringing complete, technically superior HD Radio and multicasting platforms to market that were designed to help radio broadcasters launch new audio services in an improved system architecture. NAB Radio marks a continuation of this strategy on the data side of the business as we leverage new technologies that will potentially open new revenue streams for digital broadcasters."

Harris remains attentive to the needs of analog broadcasters as well. The company will introduce MicroMax™, a new FM exciter specifically designed for broadcasters in need of a low-cost analog solution. On display for the first time, the 30 watt, 1RU exciter can interface with any existing Harris transmitter. It is designed as a cost-effective yet feature-rich exciter for international and small-market U.S. broadcasters, and as a strong backup exciter for larger U.S. markets. MicroMax will begin shipping in December.

Harris also will display the following products and demonstrations at NAB Radio 2006:

HD Radio (Audio Transmission and Multicasting)
The HTHD+ high-power common-amplification single tube FM HD Radio transmitter, first announced at NAB2006, will make its public debut at NAB Radio. The HTHD+ transmitter, which evolved from the proven technology of the HT Series of FM transmitters, marks the company's first foray into the HD Radio market with high-power tube-type transmitters. Now shipping, the transmitter will be outfitted with a FlexStar HDx exciter as part of the display. The FlexStar exciter is an excellent fit for the HTHD+ as it features Harris® RTAC™ digital technology — the same technology Harris pioneered for digital TV transmitters several years ago.

Harris also will showcase its new ZX™ low-power transmitter as part of a continuous multicasting demonstration, complete with the FlexStar family of HD Radio products. The demonstration will show how small-market broadcasters can take advantage of HD Radio multicasting opportunities in low-power situations. Harris will display a ZX1000 (1 kW) transmitter programmed for TRI-MODE operation, which allows broadcasters to switch between digital, analog and analog+digital modes on the fly. The complete demonstration also will feature a FlexStar® HDI-100 Importer, HDE-100 Exporter, and HDx™ exciter for multicasting in iBiquity's Generation 3 "Exgine" architecture, which brings the Importer and Exporter back to the studio and reverts the exciter to a more user-friendly and reliable DSP-based operation.

The ZX™1000 transmitter also will be outfitted with the company's new WEB Remote product for control and monitoring over IP. All ZX transmitters (available in four models from 500 watts to 3.5 kW) are designed to accept the WEB Remote option through an internal circuit board card slot. WEB Remote also is available as a 1RU standalone system for all Harris FM and AM transmitters.

Rounding out the HD Radio multicasting demonstrations will be a display of the company's exclusive Harris NeuStar™ codec preconditioning technology. Powered by Neural Audio, the company will display its newest platforms: NeuStar™ 4.0 and its software version, NeuStar™ SW4.0. Both versions are positioned ahead of Internet streams, DAB, DRM, satellite, compressed STL, ISDN, and other audio services in the transmission chain for codec improvements and audio processing. The software version can be run directly on the FlexStar® HDI-100 Importer, offering multiple audio channels of processing within one computer.

Harris will demonstrate two new technologies as part of a separate HD Radio demonstration focused on data transmission. The Harris DATAplus™ system, which made its debut at the recent NAB2006 convention, accepts data management from multiple sources and stores, prioritizes and separately outputs the data to multiple sources including Program Associated Data for HD Radio. The data is delivered alongside audio programming in the same HD Radio transmission stream. DATAplus™ also can be used to deliver rich text as RBDS information for analog receivers and Web transmission. Each output may be formatted as required, and the station may choose which items flow to any given output.

Harris continues to leverage new technologies from its recent acquisition of Leitch Technology with a static display of the InfoCaster™ digital signage system that radio broadcasters can use to deliver text to display signs and billboards throughout a given market. InfoCaster™ could potentially open new revenue streams for HD Radio broadcasters who wish to deliver text (potentially with graphics) to hotels, airports, highway billboards and other high visibility areas.

IP Connectivity Solutions
Harris will display two vastly different IP-based connectivity solutions at NAB Radio that demonstrate the company's ability to address audio distribution needs of varying complexities. Intraplex® NetXpress™ will represent the higher end of STL connectivity as a managed networking platform that can send multiple services, including audio, data, and PBX phone communications, over a single IP connection. Echo cancellation, PBX phone system links, T1/E1 circuit emulation, and forward error correction are just some of the benefits for radio stations considering a transition to IP-based STL connectivity. Broadcasters can take advantage of the NetXpress™ platform to protect their T1 network investment while testing and migrating to IP transport at a comfortable pace. Similarly, broadcasters can use IP as a backup if they choose to stick with T1 as a primary transport network.

The company also will display MasterLink-IP™, an inexpensive alternative to costlier methods of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications for professional radio broadcasting. The system offers enormous flexibility for program monitoring and sharing across multiple stations through simple Internet connections. It can also be used as an inexpensive remote pick up system (RPU) for simple remote broadcasts, and as a back-up to fixed studio-to-transmitter links (STL), among various other functions — all for as little as just under $1,000.

The MasterLink-IP audio platform is the result of a collaborative effort by three organizations: Harris Radio Broadcast Systems, Barix AG, and Colorado Public Radio. Barix is assisting Harris in the customization of a feature set for the MasterLink-IP platform that appeals directly to radio broadcasters. A typical MasterLink-IP system features a Barix Instreamer and Exstreamer to encode and decode programs at the origination and receive sites, respectively. The program material is sent over the Internet from the Instreamer and decoded at the receiving end with the Exstreamer or a standard PC. Colorado Public Radio, which operates 11 stations throughout the state, can offer server space and database hosting for broadcast groups who wish to monitor multiple stations and share source material over long distances.

Studio Systems and Consoles
Harris will demonstrate its NetWave™ and RMXdigital™ on-air consoles with a VistaMax™ Envoy studio audio networking system. The NetWave™ and Envoy specifically target smaller-market radio stations seeking the flexibility of Harris PR&E's on-air consoles and audio networking systems at a far more affordable price point. Larger multistation facilities with satellite studio or smaller production applications can also benefit from these advancements in digital audio and networking.

The RMXdigital on-air console will be on hand for medium-to-large market radio facilities in need of a feature-rich standalone or networkable console through VistaMax studio audio networking systems. All studio equipment will be displayed and arranged on QuickLine II furniture from Harris. QuickLine II furniture is orderable in quick-ship configuration and assembled on site at radio stations.

About Harris Corporation
Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. With headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, the company has annual sales of $3.5 billion and nearly 14,000 employees — including more than 6,000 engineers and scientists — dedicated to the development of best-in-class assured communications™ products, systems, and services. The company's operating divisions serve markets for government communications, RF communications, broadcast communications, and microwave communications.

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