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CSR provides connectivity for Samsung’s Bluetooth MP3 player

Cambridge, UK–CSR plc (LSE: CSR.L) announced today that Samsung's YP-T9B portable media player contains CSR's BlueCore technology for Bluetooth. Showcased at the recent IFA show in Berlin, the new device is available worldwide and, is the first of Samsung's popular line of MP3 players to feature integrated Bluetooth connectivity. Powered by CSR's BlueCore3-ROM with embedded BlueCore Host Software (BCHS), the YP-T9B allows users to listen to high quality audio without wires as well as streaming music to Bluetooth enabled speakers.

Samsung's decision to implement CSR technology into the small T9 media player demonstrates BlueCore's compact design and easy integration. At just 0.43 inches thick and weighing a mere 1.7 ounces, the YP-T9B is packed with a variety of multimedia features such as music playback, FM radio, voice recording, and movie capabilities. With integrated Bluetooth connectivity, users can wirelessly transfer files from PCs to the T9 as well as listen to streaming music and accept mobile phone calls using Bluetooth headphones. The in-built music player supports MP3, WMA and OGG music formats with files being stored on up to 4GB of internal memory. A fully charged YP-T9B achieves up to 30 hours of music play back or 7 hours of video playback with CSR's BlueCore3-ROM CSP (chip-scale package) requiring minimal battery power thanks to the use of BlueCore Host Software (BCHS).

BlueCore3-ROM's complete single-chip solution with on-chip microcontroller and 4Mbits ROM enables device manufacturers to easily incorporate robust Bluetooth connectivity into their handsets. The design of CSR's silicon also reduces the number of external components required for Bluetooth implementation, ensuring that as well as minimising production costs and time to market, Bluetooth connectivity can be designed into the smallest of devices. CSR has also implemented advanced co-existence techniques such as adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) to ensure that the Bluetooth connection is robust and does not interfere with other 2.4GHz radios such as WiFi.

CSR's BlueCore Host Software (BCHS), which is optimised for BlueCore silicon, provides a complete system software solution for embedded BlueCore applications. BCHS ensures that existing processing power already in the DAP (digital audio player) can be utilised for Bluetooth, thus providing the most cost effective way to implement Bluetooth in today’s consumer products. BCHS also reduces Bluetooth power consumption by implementing all possible low power modes such as deep sleep mode. This allows the BlueCore silicon to effectively shut down the Bluetooth radio.

Karen Parnell, Consumer Marketing Manager for CSR commented, "The digital audio player market has grown dramatically over the past five years and is predicted to top 180 million unit shipments in 2011. The growing trend is for devices to become smaller while retaining power efficiency and the maximum amount of features. The addition of integrated Bluetooth is a natural progression for DAPs and although it adds value for the end consumer, it forces designers to implement these technologies at the right price with the highest quality." Parnell, added, "CSR's products and support, tailored to the consumer market, enable designers and manufacturers to easily implement value-added technologies like Bluetooth connectivity without sacrificing form or other features. CSR is committed to developing wireless technologies that allow device manufacturers to produce the highest quality devices at minimal cost and time to market."

Lunes, 23 Octubre, 2006 - 11:29
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