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TRANSDIMENSION RANKED NUMBER 32 FASTEST GROWING TECHNOLOGY COMPANY IN NORTH AMERICA ON THE 2005 DELOITTE TECHNOLOGY FAST 500STMicroelectronics Uncovers its Latest Power Electronics Technologies at PowerSystems World Conference 2006

Geneva, - STMicroelectronics, one of the world’s most innovative semiconductor companies, will present seven papers at the PowerSystems World (PSW) 2006, which takes place during October 24-26, 2006, in Long Beach, California. ST’s notable contributions to the conference cover advances in designing and integrating power electronics technologies into today’s systems.

In the Lighting technical session, which is dedicated to new control methods, circuit topologies, control ICs, and power management solutions, ST will introduce an IC that simplifies lighting ballast design by integrating in a single chip the Power Factor Corrector and half-bridge controllers and all the relevant drivers, protections and features to generate more light from less energy, while ensuring full compliance with safety and power consumption regulations.

A special session at PSW 2006 is dedicated to design techniques and new technologies able to satisfy the increasingly demanding requests of high performance and efficiency in portable devices. Addressing this topic, ST will look at how to efficiently power the operation of Double Data Rate 2 and Double Data Rate 3 memories in portable applications, such as notebooks and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) systems.

ST will also present two important papers that deal specifically with motor speed control in various applications. In particular, one paper introduces a new, all digital, complete dual H-bridge driver integrated circuit for use in small motor-drive applications such as stepper and Direct-Current (DC) motors. Another paper focuses on a simple, linear, cost-effective torque control method for use with Brushless DC (BLDC) motors, which are commonly found in blowers, domestic appliances, electric tools, and devicesrequiring good speed control.

In an invited session, ST will report on the ESBT® (Emitter-Switched Bipolar Transistors) technology as an ideal solution providing advantages in both performance and cost when using converters with a flyback topology. The flyback converters, operating in quasi-resonant (QR) mode, are one of the most popular and simplest ways to increase the efficiency of applications, such as notebook adapters, printers, or Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) for TVs.

New processors for desktop PCs, servers, and telecom and communication systems demand higher current levels while requiring compliance with a tighter voltage regulation. ST engineers will illustrate, in two papers, how to improve the overall system performance by applying the Load Transient Boost Technology TM (LTB TechnologyTM) to multi-phase DC-DC converters or by optimizing the MOSFET parameters separately for the high side and low side switch.

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Martes, 24 Octubre, 2006 - 03:30
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