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AMD Chairman and CEO Hector Ruiz Promotes “New Era of Choice” During Oracle OpenWorld Keynote

SAN FRANCISCO -- AMD Chairman and CEO Hector Ruiz delivered the opening day keynote address, discussing how the IT industry has entered a new era of choice, and the impacts that will result from this industry phenomenon. “This era of greater, real choice will benefit one audience in particular: customers,” said Ruiz. “With greater choice comes greater competition. With greater competition comes greater innovation. As IT choices multiply throughout the next decade, customers will see an acceleration of innovation unlike any they have experienced. The future of innovation will rest far more on the choices customers – not their vendors – make.” In his address, Ruiz described how increased choice will transform the base of power in the IT industry – from technology creators to technology customers. Great technology innovations must be based on addressing real-world user needs and challenges, such as lowering power consumption in the datacenter.

Ruiz welcomed three guests to the stage: Juergen Rottler, executive vice president of Oracle Support and Oracle on Demand; Michael Dell, Chairman of Dell; and Dr. David Brailer, the United States’ first National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

Rottler discussed how Oracle’s choice to implement AMD Opteron™ processor-based systems in their On Demand business has helped Oracle remain operationally efficient and meet customers’ needs reliably and cost-effectively. Dell addressed his company’s recent decision to offer AMD64 processor-based systems, and how Dell systems using AMD processors will provide a compelling choice for Dell’s enterprise customers. Brailer discussed the role the technology sector can play in addressing issues in healthcare.

Ruiz closed his address by calling on the industry to “work harder at delivering greater choice and innovation to industries that have not yet realized the full benefits that technology is capable of delivering.” For more information on AMD’s activities at Oracle OpenWorld, please visit

Martes, 24 Octubre, 2006 - 07:15
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