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The Key to Enhanced Comfort

With its new generation of radio keys, Siemens VDO is ensuring that drivers no longer need a key in hand in order to unlock the car. The vehicle detects the person who has the key and opens the doors as soon as the door handle is touched. So, if you are thinking about buying a new car, be sure and take a closer look at the equipment and features the automotive supplier now is providing to improve comfort and convenience – even in smaller vehicle classes.

The car key is rarely handy when you need it and almost never where you look for it. For example, when you come back to the car laden down with shopping bags and your key ring is somewhere deep in your handbag or pocket. Now it can stay there, since more and more vehicles are being equipped with the new generation of radio keys from Siemens VDO, eliminating the annoyance of having to rummage through your purse or pockets. The doors unlock automatically, just by touching the door handle. This convenience is no longer only offered in luxury cars, where it has been a popular feature on top-of-the-line sedans since 1999. It now is available in small cars like the Renault Clio. However, the Siemens VDO radio key has even more functionality, such as enabling individual settings to be stored on it and assigned to a distinct driver. While the driver is still opening the door, the seat or mirror, for example, already is moving into the selected position. Get in, buckle up and drive off – in families with multiple drivers, there is no fuss about "borrowing" the car.

Unlocking Innovation

The door lock opens as if by an invisible hand. Magic? No, the car detects its driver and opens the door. The key, which authorizes the driver to enter, communicates by radio with the vehicle. Starting the engine is just as easy as getting in, as there is no need for an ignition key. If the radio key is on board, the engine can start. Depending on the equipment, the engine is started at the press of a button or by turning a switch. At the same time, the steering lock is released. The vehicle can only be started and the steering lock released if a valid key is on board providing a higher level of anti-theft security. By contrast, the car only locks when the key is outside of it and thus cannot be forgotten and locked in the car or trunk by accident.

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