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Verizon and Intel Bring Online PC Gaming to TVs

NEW YORK and SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Verizon and Intel Corporation have collaborated to enable consumers to play popular PC games on their television sets through Intel® Viiv™ technology-based PCs, making the games more enjoyable and accessible than ever before.

The companies will also market a version of PlayLinc, a new game messenger that provides a faster and more entertaining way to enjoy multiplayer games online. PlayLinc, which is free, provides a variety of features, including free private servers, VoIP integration and the ability for players to track when their friends are online and ready to join a game.

"We're creating a graphics-rich, 'big-screen' game-playing experience for the entire family," said Colson Hillier, director of new product development for Verizon. "The games that families now enjoy on their PCs will become larger than life, more fun to play and accessible in virtually every room of the house, through linkages between a family's PC and their TV. This is an extension of Verizon's commitment to provide customers with the content and service they want, whenever they want it, and however they want to receive it."

Verizon Games on Demand for Viiv

The Verizon Games on Demand service enables users to play popular PC games on their TVs through Intel Viiv technology-based PCs running Microsoft Windows XP* Media Center Edition 2005 (MCE). Using a wireless game controller and MCE remote control, consumers can play a broad array of games from the comfort of their favorite couch or easy chair, also referred to as the "10-foot view" of the television set. Consumers can access the service through the Media Center Edition menu system by selecting the service using their remote control.

Verizon Games on Demand combines the power and flexibility of the Intel Viiv technology platform, featuring the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor, with the speed and reliability of Verizon's broadband networks and the innovation of its growing online gaming services.

Kevin Corbett, vice president of Intel's Digital Home Group and general manager of the company's Content Services Group, said, "Intel Core 2 Duo processors deliver exceptional PC gaming performance and are the foundation for Intel Viiv technology, which is helping to ignite new digital entertainment experiences. The combination of Intel Viiv technology and Verizon Games on Demand provides consumers with a wide selection of popular gaming experiences for both the PC and the TV, which adds a whole new dimension to online gaming."

Intel Viiv technology helps connect the PC to the TV and enables consumers to simplify, share and control their games, music and movies with the energy-efficient performance delivered by the Intel Core 2 Duo processor¹. The technology is widely supported by a number of PC and consumer electronics manufacturers, as well as content and service providers such as Verizon.

Verizon Games on Demand features click-and-play access to a wide variety of popular, full-version PC games that appeal to many different gamers, including adults and children. The service was named a Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show. The service subscription costs $9.95 per month. The service will feature:

* Easy, 3-D navigation and launch via the MCE remote control
* Schedule game downloading and prioritize or change the schedule for future game play
* Click-and-play experience with no game installation process
* Wireless gamepad controls that create a console-like playing experience
* Ability to choose games based on rating, genre or other criteria
* Automatic system check to ensure the PC has the necessary drivers and available memory, among other things, to run each game, along with automatic system updates
* Accelerated game downloads to begin playing even before the download is completed
* Rich graphics that make casual game playing as exciting as sophisticated console gaming

PlayLinc Game Messenger

PlayLinc provides online gamers with a single, easy-to-use interface and all the tools they need for a superior playing experience, including the ability for gamers to launch their own servers for free, true server-based voice capabilities for up to 32 players, seamless integration of America Online's AIM* messaging service, in-game and on-game chat and Internet browsing, buddy tracking, team management and other tools. PlayLinc supports both PC and console games and allows players to host any LAN-enabled multi-player game on a virtual LAN.

PlayLinc takes advantage of Intel dual core technology by shifting communications functions to the second core, which allows the service to run faster and more efficiently. PlayLinc can be used with any broadband connection, but customers of Verizon's fiber-based FiOS Internet Service will benefit from the power of a super-high-speed fiber connection directly into their homes.
Intel and Verizon will promote PlayLinc through a variety of channels, including gaming events and online initiatives.

Verizon's PlayLinc service was developed in relationship with SuperComputer International (SCI), a leading provider of high-performance game-server hosting solutions, gameplay-related services and fully integrated gaming portals. Verizon acquired an equity position in SCI in May.

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