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La Física es como el sexo: seguro que da alguna compensación práctica, pero no es por eso por lo que la hacemos.

Richard Feynman(1918-1988)
Físico estadounidense, premio Nobel de Física en 1965
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ON Semiconductor’s New Audio Power Amplifiers Deliver Fast Turn-on Time and Zero Pop-and-Click Noise for Portable Communication Devices

CPS Expo 2006 – Shanghi, China – ON Semiconductor, a leading global supplier of efficient power management solutions, today introduced two new audio power amplifiers capable of delivering higher output power than previous generations.

The NCP2892 and NCP2990 are 1.3 watt (W) audio amplifiers that feature fast turn-on time and minimal power consumption. Designed for portable communication devices requiring quality audio, these devices produce zero pop-and-click noise. The NCP2892 is optimized to eliminate pop-and-click noise with differential audio input while the NCP2990 demonstrates the same zero pop noise feature with single-ended audio input. These new audio amplifiers are ideal for cell phones and PDAs.

“ON Semiconductor continues to expand its audio amplifier portfolio to meet customer demand for high performance solutions that incorporate valuable end-product benefits - such as battery life conservation, fast turn-on times and elimination of unwanted noise,” said Hyung-Sup Kim, ON Semiconductor’s director for the Consumer Products Division. “The portable electronics market is highly competitive, with fast turn-around design times and frequent upgrades to the final handheld products. By working closely with our customers, ON Semiconductor is able to deliver targeted solutions.”

For maximum design flexibility, the NCP2892 and NCP2990 feature an externally controlled turn-on time. When using a 1 microfarad (μF) bypass capacitor, the NCP2892 offers 100 millisecond (ms) wake up time. Both devices offer minimum turn-on time down to 15 ms to 30 ms. The NCP2892 and NCP2990 devices can be connected directly to the battery, eliminating the use of an LDO or dc-dc converter and offering a cost effective solution.

• External Turn-On Time Settings: 60 ms and 100 ms (with 1 μF Bypass Capacitor)
• 1.3 W to an 8.0 ohms (Ω) Load from a 5.0 V Power Supply
• Excellent PSRR: Direct Connection to the Battery
• Ultra Low Current Shutdown Mode: 10 nA
• 2.2 V to 5.5 V Operation
• External Gain Configuration Capability
• Up to 1.0 nF Capacitive Load Driving Capability
• Thermal Overload Protection Circuitry

Both the NCP2892 and NCP2990 are offered in a lead free (Pb-free) 9-pin Flip-Chip package and budgetary priced between $0.44 and $0.45 USD per unit in 1,000 unit quantities.

Jueves, 02 Noviembre, 2006 - 06:51
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