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Fairchild Semiconductor Wins Two EDN China Leading Products Innovation Awards, Second Year in a Row

South Portland, Maine − Fairchild Semiconductor, the leading global supplier of power semiconductors, today announced that the company received two leading products accolades in the prestigious EDN China Innovation Awards 2006. Fairchild’s FMS6151 video filter/driver was a leading product in the competitive Analog & Mixed Signal ICs category, while the FPDB20PH60 series SPM™ was a leading product in the Power Devices & Module category.

“This is the second year that Fairchild has won an EDN China award and I’m extremely proud of our success. It shows the depth of knowledge and expertise at Fairchild and clearly highlights our ongoing drive to design products that meet the very specific needs of China’s electronics engineers,” said Eric Kuo, Fairchild’s president and managing director of Asia Pacific. “Our products competed against more than 130 entries from 74 vendors. It is very satisfying to receive awards in two separate categories with this level of competition.”

Fairchild’s award-winning FMS6151 boasted the industry’s smallest video filter/driver for driving video images from cell phones to televisions, computer monitors or other larger display products when it was launched in early 2006. Delivering improved application performance, the device’s 5th order 8MHz standard definition (SD) filter results in better image quality and low supply current with power down to 25nA extends battery life. Packaged in a 6-terminal MicroPak™ package measuring only 1.45mm x 1.0mm x 0.55mm, the FMS6151 helps designers reduce board space and lower design costs.

Products were assessed and selected by a panel of EDN China judges, consisting of industry experts and specialists from China’s leading OEM companies, academic institutes, universities and EDN China’s editorial board. Readers and registered users of EDN China were invited to vote for the winners in eight categories: Microprocessor and DSP; Analog/Mixed Signal IC; Digital IC and Digital Logic; Power Device and Modules; Test and Measurement; Development Tools and Software; Telecommunications IC; and Consumer Electronics IC.

The FMS6151 provides a number of key features for design simplicity and space savings in ultra-portables:

* 2.7V to 5V operations increase flexibility by accommodating different power supply requirements;
* DC-coupled inputs simplify and ease the Video DAC (digital-to-analog converter) interface;
* A choice of AC- or DC-coupled outputs increases design flexibility;
* DC-coupled outputs eliminate the need for AC-coupling caps, lowering cost and preventing “tilt” in the video signal;
* For AC-coupled outputs, SAG corrections reduce required cap size, lowering cost; and
* 75Ohm cable drivers eliminate external drive components.

The FMS6151 comes in a lead (Pb)-free 6-terminal MicroPak™ package that meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020B and is compliant with the European Union requirements now in effect.

The award-winning FPDB20PH60, launched in the Spring of 2006, is one of three new Smart Power Modules (SPM™) designed for full-switching power factor correction (PFC) in motor drive applications in the 3-6kW power range. Each PFC-SPM device integrates two fast-recovery diodes, two freewheeling diodes, two IGBTs, a gate-driver IC, a shunt resistor and a thermistor into one thermally efficient 44 x 26.8mm package.

Fairchild’s highly integrated PFC-SPM devices save 50% board space compared to discrete solutions and increase reliability with built-in protection features. These devices also provide 99% power factor (typical) to meet the mandatory PFC standard (IEC61000-3-2) and 40kHz switching operation to mitigate power loss. Fairchild’s PFC-SPM devices offer designers a compact “green” solution ideal for air conditioners and industrial inverter designs by increasing system reliability and efficiency while reducing board space.

The PFC-SPM devices enhance reliability in end systems by integrating a thermistor for temperature monitoring and a shunt resistor for current sensing. The built-in resistor also reduces part count by eliminating the need for the external bulky components required by discrete solutions. Further reliability features include under-voltage (UV) and over-current (OC) protection provided by their integrated gate-driving IC. They also provide an isolation voltage rating of 2500Vrms/min and their packaging complies with basic creepage and clearance spacing for UL certification No. E209204.

The FPDB20PH60 (600V/20A), FPDB30PH60 (600V/30A) and the FPDB50PH60 (600V/50A) are available in lead (Pb)-free Mini-DIP packages. These products meet or exceed the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and are compliant with the European Union requirements now in effect.

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