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NeuroPace Selects AMI Semiconductor as Design and Production Partner for Epilepsy Neurostimulation Device -

Pocatello, Idaho - AMI Semiconductor, a leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art integrated mixed-signal and structured digital products for the automotive, medical and industrial markets, today announced that NeuroPace, an implantable medical device company, has leveraged AMI Semiconductor’s medical semiconductor expertise for NeuroPace’s implantable epilepsy device, the Responsive Neurostimulator™ (RNS) system.

NeuroPace’s RNS is specifically designed for the treatment of medically refractory partial onset epilepsy and includes implantable and external products, accessories and tools. In addition to treating epilepsy, responsive neurostimulation holds the promise of treating other disabling medical disorders that impact the quality of life for millions of patients around the world.

In treating epilepsy, the RNS is designed to detect abnormal electrical activity in the brain and respond by delivering electrical stimulation to normalize brain activity before the patient experiences seizure symptoms. The RNS is implanted in the cranium and connected to one or two leads that are implanted near the patient's seizure focus. By targeting electrical stimulation to specific nervous system sites, the RNS is designed to suppress seizures and minimize the patient's use of anti-epileptic medication and the side effects commonly associated with these medications.

“We evaluated the major participants in the implantable medical semiconductor design business,” said Frank Fischer, CEO at NeuroPace. "AMIS has the proven expertise in development of advanced mixed-signal technologies for innovative medical applications. The company’s production capabilities and experience are an excellent fit for the critical technical requirements and support necessary for our RNS system.”

“The implantable neurostimulation device market is a key strategic focus for our medical semiconductor solutions,” said Robert Tong, senior vice president of medical and wireless products for AMIS. “Based on our research and the volume of new technology solutions being developed, we believe this is a market that will grow exponentially over the next few years. It offers high potential growth for AMIS, who has been developing and manufacturing mixed-signal and wireless solutions for implantable devices for more than 10 years. We are very aware of the constraints that must be considered when designing semiconductors for implantation in the human body and we are excited to partner with an innovator like NeuroPace to use our knowledge to help improve the lives of those afflicted with epilepsy.”

NeuroPace is currently sponsoring an FDA approved investigational study of the implantable RNS system to suppress seizures in patients with drug refractory epilepsy.

Miércoles, 15 Noviembre, 2006 - 09:55
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