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AMI Semiconductor Launches New Wireless Transceivers for Industrial Applications

Pocatello, Idaho — AMI Semiconductor, a leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art integrated mixed-signal and structured digital products for the automotive, medical and industrial markets, today announced two new single-chip wireless transceivers, the AMIS-52150 and the AMIS-53050. These devices are optimized for sub-GHz, low-to-moderate data rate wireless communications in a variety of industrial applications. Target applications include building security and access, smoke and fire detection, building control and automation, lighting, and utility metering, among others.

The new highly integrated transceivers offer a wide operating frequency range, in turn allowing system designers to implement these devices across a range of applications and geographic regions, while reducing the bill of materials (BOM). The operating frequency of the AMIS-53050 can be programmed from 300MHz to 960MHz, while enabling data rates up to 128Kbps. The AMIS-52150 in turn operates from 300MHz to 768MHz, at data rates up to16Kbps.

Similar to other members of the AMIS wireless transceiver family, both transceivers incorporate proprietary features to significantly reduce power consumption and to extend the useful operating life of battery-powered products. These include AMI Semiconductor’s patented Quick Start oscillator with extremely fast (50µs) turn-on time, as well as integrated circuitry providing for Sniff Mode™ operation. Such features in turn allow for very fast wake-up of the integrated receiver and consequent “polling” for the presence of RF signals.

The AMIS-53050 provides for multi-channel, Frequency Shift Key (FSK) and On/Off Key (OOK) modulation, while the AMIS-52150 allows for OOK modulation. Both devices can be easily interfaced to a baseband processor via integrated I2C or SPI bus interfaces on the AMIS-53050, and an I2C interface on the AMIS-52150. The AMIS-53050 has an integrated 8-bit analog to digital converter (ADC), which minimizes the need for external components in wireless sensing applications. In addition, packetization and cyclic redundancy check (CRC) techniques ensure robust transmissions, while data shaping narrows the occupied bandwidth to maximize efficiency.

“A great majority of single-chip radio frequency transceivers offer a very narrow operating frequency range, limiting the range of applications and the geographic regions in which they can be used. The wide operating frequency range of these new transceivers eliminates this problem, allowing a single device to be implemented across multiple applications and regions,” said Tony Denayer, AMI Semiconductor’s senior vice president, High Voltage Communications and ASSPs. “While helping OEMs reduce the BOM, the designs of the AMIS-53050 and the AMIS-52150 incorporate a number of innovative features that will make it easier to implement these devices in a multitude of industrial wireless applications, while delivering robust communications and low power consumption demanded by a growing number of system designs.”

Miércoles, 15 Noviembre, 2006 - 09:59
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