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AMI Semiconductor Announces Automotive Grade Embedded Flash Technology for up to 64kBytes of Code Storage in Smart Power, Mixed-Signal System-on-Chip Designs

Pocatello, Idaho --- AMI Semiconductor, a designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art integrated mixed-signal and structured digital products, has announced the availability of automotive grade embedded Flash memory for its 0.35μm ‘Smart Power’ high-voltage mixed-signal system-on-chip (SoC) process technology. The combination of the proven CMOS mixed-signal technology and the robust new non-volatile memory (NVM) allows designers to create cost-effective smart sensor interfaces, intelligent actuators and other sophisticated single-chip devices for operation in automotive, industrial, appliance and other harsh environment applications.

AMI Semiconductor’s latest High Injection MOS (HiMOS) embedded memory IP and technology provide designers with the flexibility to configure the size of the on-board Flash memory capacity from 2Kbytes to 64Kbytes in target applications expected to operate in harsh conditions. Memory can be delivered in single-bank or dual-bank configurations with memory retention for code storage of up to 15 years.

Single-bank configurations can provide up to 64kBytes of code storage. The dual-bank option allows code storage up to 62kBytes and data storage of 2kBytes, emulating an EEPROM capable of a minimum of 10,000 erase cycles. In addition to providing Flash functionality in the final product, HiMOS NVM can also be used for rapid development and prototyping, prior to shrinking to a ROM-based solution for final manufacture. Sector and multiple sector erase time is 0.5s, while page programming takes just 20μs (with 32-pages per sector). Random access read time is 100ns for either 8- or 16-bit words. The memory is fully qualified to the AEC-Q100 critical stress test for automotive electronic components.

Capable of operation to 80V, AMI Semiconductor’s 0.35μm CMOS-based mixed-signal technology allows system designers to reduce component count, save space, and lower costs through ICs that integrate high-density digital circuits, high-voltage circuitry and high-precision analog blocks. The automotive grade embedded HiMOS Flash memory offers a cost-effective route to reliable on-chip code and data storage and will operate at temperatures from -40ºC to 125ºC. The memory can also continue to provide read functionality at temperatures as high as 150ºC.

AMI Semiconductor’s mixed-signal Smart Power ICs can incorporate a wide variety of digital, analog and high-voltage functions including processors, communication interfaces, bus protocol controllers and interfaces for CAN and LIN connectivity, high-voltage functions such as motor control drivers and DC/DC converters, and analog blocks including filters, ADCs and DACs. Because the AMIS HiMOS Flash is implemented using only three additional mask layers to the base technology mask set, intelligent, smart power Flash-based ICs provide a highly cost-effective alternative to discrete and other SoC alternatives.

AMI Semiconductor’s embedded Flash memory process and custom design service provide benefits to users such as memory sized to specific needs, and supply of SoCs with integrated HiMOS Flash memory for the lifetime of a project; in automotive and industrial applications this can be 10 years or more. This protects against the risk of needing to periodically re-qualify a design due to the phasing out of current technology in favor of newer approaches, a problem that often occurs when using stand-alone non-volatile memory.

To help speed development of applications based on the latest mixed-signal and NVM technology, AMIS also offers an emulation board and mixed-signal test ICs for designers to develop and debug their software in parallel to hardware development.

Miércoles, 15 Noviembre, 2006 - 10:01
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