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Norwood, MA - Analog Devices Inc., a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications and market leader in amplifier integrated circuits (ICs), today introduced the third edition of its popular applications guide, A Designer’s Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers. Used to amplify weak signals in the presence of strong interference and noise, instrumentation amplifiers (in-amps) are used in many applications: from motor control and automotive to medical instrumentation and data acquisition. With a large number of products to choose from, correctly identifying and matching the best in-amp to a particular application can be challenging.

Authored by ADI Fellow and Vice President of Analog Technology Lew Counts and Hardware Applications Engineer Chuck Kitchin, this new book represents more than 60 years of combined experience in designing and managing the development of analog integrated circuits. Available online for download at and in hardcopy, the 126-page in-amp guide contains easy-to-understand text using tables, graphs, and data presented in a “cookbook” format.
“ADI is supporting its leading high-performance amplifier products with tools that help engineers improve system performance and shorten the design cycle,” said Counts. “The third edition has been significantly expanded, improving upon the very popular previous edition by including several new applications sections as well as information on ADI’s latest innovative amplifier products.”

Intended as a handy reference book to be used throughout the entire design cycle, the in-amp guide helps engineers select, evaluate and design-in the most appropriate in-amps for their specific application by covering:
In-amp design basics
How to choose between using an in-amp or a difference amplifier
AC input coupling techniques
Input protection basics
Reducing radio frequency interference (RFI) rectification errors
In-amp and difference amplifier applications circuits
Matching in-amp circuits to new analog-to-digital converters
Understanding in-amp data sheet specifications
Single-supply design guidelines
Common in-amp applications problems and their solutions
Extensive information on ADI’s latest amplifiers. The book covers 13 new in-amp and difference amplifier products, including the AD8250 and AD8251 digitally-programmable in-amps.

Support Tools Shorten Design Cycle
ADI’s portfolio of free support tools for amplifiers helps design engineers quickly and efficiently select the right products, conduct real-time simulations, and trial-test various configurations. Help is also available with support software that allows designers to troubleshoot potential problems, when implementing amplifiers in their design. In addition to A Designer’s Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers -3rd Edition, the support tools portfolio includes the Designing with Amplifiers Quick Reference wall chart, design assistants and wizards, SPICE models and evaluation boards. Tech support is also available at 1-800-ANALOGD.

A Designer’s Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers -3rd Edition is available free on the ADI web site and in hard copy. The online version contains web links to quickly connect readers to related sites of supporting information, such as product data sheets and application notes.

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