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Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces the Industry’s Only Dual-Supply Bi-Directional Translator with Independent-Direction Controls

South Portland, Maine–– Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the FXL2TD245, the first dual-supply bi-directional translator on the market configurable for both uni-directional and independent bi-directional voltage translation between two logic levels. In addition to offering designers unparalleled design flexibility in a wide variety of low-voltage applications, this MicroPak™-packaged translator helps them dramatically save board space. The FXL2TD245 measures only 0.55mm x 1.6mm x 2.1mm, which is 80 percent smaller than comparable dual-supply translators in SOIC packages. It also replaces two 1-bit components used in typical designs. This ultra-compact translator is ideal for use in cell phones, PDAs, gaming devices and other portable applications, although its wide voltage range (1.1-3.6V) accommodates the voltage requirements of a variety of consumer and idustrial applications.

“Fairchild’s FXL2TD245 offers independent-direction controls for each bit, a truly unique attribute that allows this translator to be configured for many different designs,” said Gary O’Donnell, Fairchild’s technical marketing manager Logic Products. “By offering this full functionality in an ultra-compact MicroPak, the FXL2TD245 offers a significantly smaller footprint than similar products on the market. This flexible, compact translator helps our customers minimize time-to-market, save board space and reduce bill-of-materials (BOM) cost, all vital considerations for today’s low-voltage applications.”

In addition to performance and space improvements, the FXL2TD245 bolsters system reliability. For instance, its 10-terminal MicroPak offers 35 percent more pad-contact area than other leadless packages, which results in a stronger solder bond between the device and the circuit board. The FXL2TD245 facilitates more robust designs by providing outputs that switch to 3-state if either supply voltage (VCC) is equal to ground (GND). It also offers built-in power-off protection.

Fairchild Semiconductor’s growing FXL portfolio of logic translators offers designers a range of device options to better optimize their specific applications. For more information about these products, please go to Fairchild’s Logic Level Translator webpage at: "/products/logic/translators/translator.html.

The FXL2TD245 is a lead (Pb)-free product that meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and is compliant with European Union regulations now in effect.

Viernes, 08 Diciembre, 2006 - 08:00
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