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Fairchild Semiconductor’s UMLP-Packaged USB 2.0 Switch Offers Industry-Leading Data Transfer, Space Savings in a Range of Electronic Applications

South Portland, Maine--- Fairchild Semiconductor introduces a USB 2.0 switch that maximizes board real estate and downloading performance in today’s increasingly compact and sophisticated electronics. The FSUSB30 combines industry-leading bandwidth (>720MHz), low on-capacitance (6pF) and the highest available ESD protection (8kV) in a very small (1.4mm x 1.8mm x 0.55mm) UMLP device. These attributes result in rapid data transfer, diminished ESD effects and excellent signal integrity. In addition to saving space in even the smallest end applications, the FSUSB30’s fast switching performance makes it ideal for a myriad of products that switch between USB/high-frequency signals, from slider cell phones and MP3 players to notebooks and in-car entertainment centers.

“Fairchild’s ultra-compact, high-bandwidth switch allows designers to save critically limited board space while enabling applications to quickly multiplex between two high-speed (480Mbps) data sources,” said Patty Miske, switch marketing manager for Fairchild’s Analog Products Group. “The latest cell phones, for instance, are smaller and thinner and yet offer increased functionality such as built-in cameras and MP3 players. A cell phone using the FSUSB30 can download photos, video clips or MP3 tracks from another source faster than a cell phone using a non-optimized USB switch. Additionally, by offering high ESD protection and low on-capacitance, the FSUSB30 is able to limit noise and other interference in the application while maintaining signal strength.”

The FSUSB30 is well-suited to a wide range of new and emerging technologies in which rapid data transfer between applications is an increasingly popular feature. Baron’s Online recently predicted that “integrated USB ports that will allow transfers of downloaded music onto car audio systems featuring hard drives are coming.”[1] Another popular automotive application is an in-cabin DVD player. Using an FSUSB30 switch, the player can instantly switch from showing movies to displaying GPS navigational information. The introduction of the FSUSB30 illustrates how Fairchild tailors its products to current design specifications while anticipating new ones.

In addition to the new FSUSB30 in a UMLP package, Fairchild also offers analog, audio, USB and video switches with the industry’s best combination of bandwidth, high signal quality and compact packaging. For more information on Fairchild’s industry-leading offering of USB-compliant solutions, go to:

The FSUSB30 is available in UMLP, MicroPak™, DQFN and MSOP packages. This lead (Pb)-free device meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and is compliant with European Union regulations now in effect.

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