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Cirrus Logic Launches Innovative, Highly Integrated Audio IC for Digital Television, Consumer Electronics Applications

TOKYO – Cirrus Logic Inc’s new CS4525 is an innovative, highly integrated single-chip Class D Amplifier for the rapidly expanding global flat-panel digital television market. The CS4525 is notable because it integrates a stereo analog-to-digital converter, sample-rate converter, digital audio processor and a complete 30-watt Class D amplifier, including the controller and power stage. Moreover, the CS4525 is unique because it supports both incoming analog and digital audio signals, and its highly efficient power stage eliminates the need for a heat sink in system designs.

“Because of its high level of integration, the CS4525 gives flat-panel DTV manufacturers a superior design solution for managing the audio signal chain, providing a wealth of features and exceptional audio output and quality in a simple-to-use integrated circuit,” said Jason Rhode, vice president and general manager, Mixed-Signal Audio Division, Cirrus Logic.

The CS4525 includes an on-board digital audio processor, offering such features as parametric equalization, auxiliary output for lip-sync delay and bass management. In addition to stereo configurations that provide 15 watts per channel output, the IC can support 2.1-channel configurations (2 X 7.5 watts per channel plus 1 X 15 watts) as well as a low-frequency effects configuration (1 X 30 watts). Additionally, Cirrus Logic offers OEMs a companion IC, the CS4412, which is a cost-effective power-stage only IC.

Based on a 24-bit multibit Delta Sigma architecture, the CS4525 features good audio quality with a dynamic range of 100 dB. Its built-in sample-rate converter simplifies designs with the ability to manage a variety of incoming audio signals at different frequencies (eg. PCM stereo, audio from DVD, etc.) while also eliminating clock-jitter effects. Cirrus Logic has also incorporated patent-pending thermal warning and fold back technology, which scales back output levels automatically if internal chip temperatures produce excessive heat. This is a particularly important feature for flat-panel televisions, whose overall video and system components generate significant amounts of heat within their slim form factors. Further, spread-spectrum PWM modulation serves to reduce EMI radiated energy.

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