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SRS Labs’ WOW HD technology now available on BlueCore5-Multimedia

Cambridge, UK – CSR plc has announced a further third-party software enhancement for its BlueCore5-Multimedia platform. Capitalising on the strength of its eXtension Partner Programme, CSR’s BlueCore5-Multimedia now offers SRS Labs’ new stereo audio enhancement technology. SRS WOW HD™ technology provides CSR’s BlueCore with cleaner, livelier audio quality, purity to spatial information , advanced bass enhancement and an innovative centre control feature. The SRS WOW HD implementation, one of the industry’s best known stereo audio enhancement technologies,. greatly improves the quality of music transmitted over Bluetooth.

The agreement between CSR and SRS Labs will significantly improve the user experience when listening to music through Bluetooth headsets and speakers. This is possible because SRS Labs’ WOW HD offers high frequency clarity, selectable psychoacoustic bass and 3D sound on the BlueCore5-Multimedia platform.

Due to its high-performance, on-chip DSP, CSR’s Multimedia platform is the only Bluetooth platform available which can support such third party audio enhancement software. In addition, BlueCore5-Multimedia offers superior sound quality with a best-in-class signal to noise ratio of -95dB. BlueCore5-Multimedia also leads the industry for power consumption and radio design.

Lenka Koloma, Senior Director of Strategic IC Partners & Sales, SRS Labs, commented, “Bluetooth technology has changed the way mobile devices are used and CSR has been instrumental in making Bluetooth a mass market technology.” Koloma continued, “Joining CSR’s eXtension programme is an important step in expanding SRS Labs’ mobile market strategy and by integrating SRS WOW HD technology into CSR’s Bluetooth platform, the two companies are providing unsurpassed stereo audio quality to consumers worldwide.”

Richard Ord, SVP of CSR's Wireless Audio strategic business unit (SBU) commented, “The eXtension programme was launched to bring more innovation and the latest technological capabilities to Bluetooth technology. CSR’s relationship with SRS Labs has introduced cutting-edge audio to Bluetooth technology. By offering SRS SRS WOW HD on the BlueCore5-Multimedia platform, SRS is introducing a new level of audio enhancement to Bluetooth-enabled audio devices.”

CSR is ranked number one in every Bluetooth market segment, boasting a lifetime to date overall design win share of around 60%. In the audio enhancement space, SRS Labs technology has been integrated into over 1 billion products including Microsoft’s Windows® Media Players, flat panel TVs, AV receivers, MP3 players, notebook PCs, car audio head units and iPod® speaker cradles.

Viernes, 08 Diciembre, 2006 - 08:30
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