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Lo opuesto de una formulación correcta es una formulación incorrecta. Pero lo opuesto de una verdad profunda puede ser muy bien otra verdad profunda,

Niels Henrik David Bohr(1885-1962)
Físico danés, premio Nobel de Física 1922.
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First High-Efficiency, High-Power, Fast-Transient-Response LED Driver Controller for Projection and Lighting Applications

SUNNYVALE, CA— Maxim Integrated Products, introduces the MAX16818 high-efficiency LED-driver controller for projection and lighting applications, that utilize the next-generation of high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The MAX16818 is the first LED-driver controller that enables Maxim's patent-pending technology for rapid LED-current transients of up to 20A/µs and 30kHz dimming frequency.

The MAX16818 pulse-width-modulation (PWM) controller provides high-output-current capability in a compact, lead-free package with a minimum number of external components. Average current-mode control, synchronous gate-drive circuitry, and a wide switching-frequency range make this device ideal for the energy-efficient driving of high-power LEDs in light sources for business, portable, and pocket projectors; home theater systems; rear-projection TVs; and automotive and industrial lighting fixtures.

The MAX16818 is suitable for use in synchronous and nonsynchronous step-down (buck) topologies, as well as in boost, buck-boost, SEPIC, and Cuk LED drivers. This device employs average-current-mode control, which optimizes the charge and on-resistance characteristics of MOSFETs, thus minimizing the need for external heat sinking, even when delivering LED current up to 30A. Its flexibility and small footprint make 5W to 200W driver designs possible with the industry's highest efficiency (up to 94%). True differential sensing enables accurate control of the LED current. A wide dimming range is easily implemented to accommodate an external PWM signal. An internal regulator enables operation over a wide input-voltage range of 4.75V to 5.5V, 7V to 28V, or higher with a simple external biasing device. The wide switching-frequency range available (up to 1.5MHz) allows for the use of small inductors and capacitors.

The MAX16818 features a clock output with 180° phase delay to control a second out-of-phase LED driver, which reduces the required size of the input and output filter capacitors and minimizes ripple currents. This device also offers programmable hiccup-mode overcurrent, overvoltage, and overtemperature protection.

The MAX16818ETE+ is rated for the extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) and the MAX16818ATE+ is rated for the automotive temperature range (-40°C to +125°C). Each LED driver controller is available in a tiny, lead-free, 5mm x 5mm x 0.8mm, 28-pin TQFN package with exposed pad. Prices start at $1.82 for MAX16818ETE+ and $1.59 for MAX16818ATE+ (1000-up, FOB USA).

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