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Sipex Introduces Four Power Saving RS-232 Transceivers with Auto On-Line® Plus

Milpitas, California , - Sipex Corporation today announced four new advanced RS-232 transceivers: the SP3224E, SP3225E, SP3226E and SP3227E. All four of these devices incorporate the Auto On-Line® Plus power saving function. A device equipped with this feature will automatically enter a 1μA low-power mode if idle for longer than 30 seconds, and automatically wake up if it detects activity on its driver or receiver inputs. This significantly reduces power consumption in systems where the serial port remains in an idle state. It requires no intervention or modifications to device drivers or software.

"Sipex has always been a leader in low power serial interface. These four new devices will further expand our already broad portfolio of energy efficient, RoHS-compliant, industry standard products. They come in small SSOP and TSSOP packages with built-in ESD protection to minimize board space and lower overall system cost," said Rich Kapusta, Vice President of Interface Products at Sipex.

The SP3224E and SP3226E operate up to 250kb/s data rates, while keeping driver outputs slew-controlled to less than 30V/μs. The SP3225E and SP3227E are high-speed devices capable of up to 1Mb/s. The SP3224E and SP3225E contain two drivers and two receivers for basic RS-232 operations. The SP3226E and SP3227E contain one driver and one receiver, the minimum required for serial communication. All driver outputs and receiver inputs are equipped with built-in ESD protection up to 15kV. These transceivers generate full RS-232/V.28 compliant driver outputs from a single 3.3V or 5V supply voltage using Sipex's patented intelligent charge pump technology (U.S. patent #5,306,954).

Samples and Availability

The SP3224E and SP3225E are available in SSOP-20 and TSSOP-20 packaging. The SP3226E is available in SSOP-16 and TSSOP-16 packaging. SP3227E is sampling in SSOP-16 and TSSOP-16 and will be available in production quantities within two weeks. All devices are now Pb-free/RoHS-compliant and are offered in temperature grades of 0˚C to +70˚C commercial grade and -40˚C to +85˚C industrial grade. Datasheets, additional support documentation, and samples can be ordered at

Sábado, 09 Diciembre, 2006 - 10:55
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