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Las Matemáticas pueden ser definidas como aquel tema en el cual ni sabemos nunca lo que decimos ni si lo que decimos es verdadero.

Bertrand Russell(1872-1970)
Filósofo, matemático y escritor inglés.
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New S3 Graphics Chrome S27 Low Profile Vista-Ready Graphics Cards Now Available through the GStore

Fremont, CA, – S3 Graphics today announced that the latest addition to the Chrome S27 PCI Express graphics card family, the Chrome S27 Low Profile 256MB/128bit 400MHz DDR2 board, is now available for immediate purchase through its online retail site, the GStore.

Fully supporting the graphics demands of Microsoft® Windows Vista™, these cards provide a robust DirectX 9.0 implementation with 4 vertex and 8 pixel processors, delivering great graphics processing performance across all the most popular games. The cards also support S3 MultiChrome technology for an enhanced 3D gaming experience.

"Vista is going to create new and exciting opportunities for the add-in board makers. In order to realize the robustness and full features of Vista, users will have to get a DirectX 9 capable graphics board, either for upgrading an existing system, or in a new one," said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research, the graphics and multimedia research firm. "A powerful, yet affordable solution like the S3 Graphics S27-based add-in boards will be just the solution many buyers will be looking for."

On top of being ideal for 3D game play, the S3 Graphics Chrome S27 line lends itself to the burgeoning home media center market, combining the best performance per watt in the industry for low heat, low noise operation, its signature Hi-Def™ visual experience and efficient hardware video processing. These new half-height cards further extend the range of systems to include next generation sleek digital multimedia centers in the living room, in line with new design standards for space-constrained systems.

The new Low Profile cards are currently available for purchase from the S3Graphics GStore at a price of just $79.99.

S3 Graphics Chrome S27 DDR2 cards feature a wide range of connectivity options including support for DVI and VGA display interfaces along with Macrovision-certified TV-out. This connectivity is further enhanced through native 1080p HDTV support and widescreen display capability with Chromotion™ 3.0, the next generation programmable video engine boasting hardware accelerated motion compensation and WMV-HD support. For home theatre applications that demand cool & quiet operation, the S3 Graphics Chrome S27 features an efficient and power smart design, coupled with Fujitsu's advanced 90nm process technology that sets a new standard for desktop power/performance without compromising on features.

Please visit the S3 Graphics GStore at:

Sábado, 09 Diciembre, 2006 - 11:25
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