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Micro-power current monitor simplifies bidirectional current measuremen

Drawing a typical quiescent current less than a half that of alternative devices, the ZXCT1041 bidirectional high-side current monitor from Zetex Semiconductors simplifies two-way current measurement in battery and power supply management as well as motor control applications.

With a typical IQ specified at just 35µA, the ZXCT1041 monitors the voltage developed across an external sense resistor and converts it into a single proportional unipolar output voltage. The direction of current flow is indicated by a flag pin, which removes the complication of output offset adjustment inherent in other monitors and simplifies microcontroller interfacing.

The ZXCT1041’s very low offset voltage means a minimum accuracy of 2% can be achieved for a sense voltage of 100mV, suiting the use of very small sense resistors required at higher currents. The device’s open collector current direction flag enables the logic signal to be referred to a supply much lower in voltage than the rail being sensed, thereby simplifying signal interfacing.

Provided in the 3.1mm x 3.0mm footprint SOT23-5 package, rather than the much larger MSOP8 package, and integrating a gain setting resistor achieving an internal gain of 10, the ZXCT1041 presents a highly cost effective and space efficient solution.

Handling a wide high side input voltage range of 2.7V to 20V, the ZXCT1041 supports a wide range of applications and multiple battery cell configurations. The bidirectional current monitor’s many uses include battery capacity measurement and over-current protection in motor control and battery charge/discharge circuits.

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